Friday, October 4, 2013

The leaf quotes

"I've never see these yellow leaves before!"

The last time we were in New Hampshire for the changing of the leaves, John was only two so as far as  his memory is concerned, he hasn't ever seen yellow leaves.  
Or orange.  Or red.

The leaves have been a source of endless fascination for him.

Even the girls, who do remember our previous Fall trips, love to examine the leaves!

"This is so great!  We are doing a job but we are also having so much FUN!"

Because when you only have to do it once a year as opposed to every Saturday, raking leaves is fun!
My brother-in-law on the other hand would rather have an unmedicated root canal, than spend a morning raking leaves!
"Let's jump in together!"

And hey, you can't roll around in a huge pile of leaves if you don't rake them up first!

"A pile of leaves was never safe with those sisters around."  -David McPhail, author of Sisters

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