Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Fall, Y'all!

Ok, so I know it has technically been fall for over a week now but when you consider that it doesn't feel like Fall until after Thanksgiving in Florida, I'm actually two months early with this post. 

We arrived in New Hampshire Monday night and woke up Tuesday morning to yard full of beautiful leaves!

The trip up here was quite an adventure!  
After almost missing our connection and and arriving home without our luggage the last time we made this trip we decided that a nonstop was non-negotiable!  

Unfortunately that meant leaving Tampa at dinnertime and getting to New Hampshire well past bedtime.  Most of our kids think it is super fun to stay up late, but Jami...well, she took great personal offense at the neglecting of her bedtime routine.  

And since she has recently developed that really fun, ear piercing habit of screaming when she is unhappy, the rest of our flight mates found her lack of sleep offensive as well!

It's just a phase, right?  Somebody please tell me the screaming will eventually STOP!!

The flight wasn't all bad though.
Emma Jane found a friend.

After the first hour, Emma Jane realized that mommy was way to busy with trying to amuse Jami to do anything fun or interesting like read a book or discuss whatever topic happened to be on her mind at that moment, so she struck up a conversation with the woman sitting on her other side.

And she proceeded to talk this woman's ear off for the next two and a half hours!  After giving her a detailed description of both of our homes, she told her all about homeschooling, Classical Conversations, her sister's dyslexia, American Heritage Girls, Jesus, gymnastics and her dream of being an Olympic gymnast someday, the woes of being a middle child, and to top it off: a full twenty-five minute discussion about the ins and outs of speaking sign language!  And then, because she was clearly an angel in disguise, that sweet, patient woman, gave Emma Jane a dollar and showed her how to make an origami boat out of a one dollar bill!

If Jami hadn't been pulling my hair and shrieking in my ear at that exact moment, I probably would have kissed the kind stranger for being so nice to my daughter. 

Mercifully, the flight ended and we made it home!

We have big plans to squeeze as much New England into the next 5 days as we can! 
First on the agenda:

Apple Picking!

Stay tuned.


Emily said...

Apple picking and eating pretty much top my list of fall activities! And thank goodness The Lord provided Emma Jane with a friend!!

Savvy Secrets said...

Have her float the boat in water and she can cross off a badge requirement for toys and games.