Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back to School

So I had this whole "first day of school" post ready, and then I forgot to post it.

And then I just kept forgetting.

The homeschooling three kids everyday reality has set in and I've realized that keeping up with a blog is much easier during the summer.

So anyways, here it is (finally)!

Our official "back to school" picture.
This was taken before heading to our CC community day, hence the backpacks.  I don't usually make them put on their backpacks, go outside and then come back into school.

We meet with our CC group on Mondays.  In the mornings they break up by age into their classes to learn new memory work for the week and do art and science.  They also each give a 2-3 minute presentation on various topics each week.  

My kids have been blessed with amazing tutors this year!
I am so thankful for these women!

After lunch, John has PE for an hour and the girls have a sign language class.  Then we go home and I make them go swimming or do something independently so that Jami and mommy can rest.
(I don't know why doing nothing while the kids are in CC every Monday exhausts me, but it does!)

Tuesday through Friday we have school at home and this first month has been really good!  After the initial shock over the increase in work that comes with moving from K/2nd to 1st/3rd, the girls have settled into a nice routine. 

 John usually ignores any work that I set out for him in favor of legos or play dough.  But sometimes he can be bribed into doing an activity with mommy.
  Especially if making a huge mess playing with rice is involved!

 Jami usually alternates between playing school
And being really "helpful!"
All in all, this school year gets a big thumbs up so far!

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