Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The old normal

Well, we are officially Floridians again!

We left New Hampshire with mixed emotions last Thursday.
Sad to say goodbye to our cousins, but really excited to be home too.
Florida missed us.

Between my flight two weeks ago and this most recent trip I have come to a decision.
 In my old age, I don't think I can handle the stress of airplane travel any longer.
We sat on the runway in Manchester for over half an hour, so that when we landed in Baltimore we had exactly 27 minutes to make our connecting flight.

Twenty-seven minutes to get four children and their ridiculously heavy backpacks out of the back of the plane and to a completely different terminal.

You know that scene from Home Alone...
yeah, that was us running through the airport like crazy people.

We just made it.
Sadly, Our luggage didn't.
But, I knew it wouldn't.

At about 6:30pm we got a phone call letting us know that our bags had arrived in Tampa and would be delivered to us sometime between 8pm and 2am!
Have I mentioned that the airport is 20 minutes from my house?

 But that was really just a slight hiccup.
The next morning I woke up to way more suitcases than I wanted to deal with.
Three hours later, I came to another decision.

My children have too many clothes!
And rather than wash and put them all away, I am just going to make a large donation to Salvation Army instead.
Not really.  I actually did put all of their clothes away and the laundry is under control but seriously, we need to cut back! 
And by we, I mean they!

Now that we are home, I feel like Summer is officially over.
The kids feel this way too.
As soon as I pulled out all of our books to make some plans for the coming semester, I had three little people all up in my business begging to start school.
Seriously, who are these little nerds?!
Go play!
Because I guarantee, 30 minutes after we actually do start school, they will be begging to go play!

But that's life.
And I am glad to be back to it!

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