Friday, August 9, 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum

Is it possible that a new school year is almost upon us!  
I'm feeling both more prepared and more overwhelmed than ever before.
That could possibly be because I will have THREE homeschoolers this year!

John will be staying home this year and joining us in all the homeschool madness!
I'm like 98% sure about that.  Technically, I haven't withdrawn him from VPK yet...
I should probably do that soon.

Anyway, I have been in crazy major planning mode for the past week!
I'm pretty sure my dining room table is still under there somewhere!

So without further ado, here are our curriculum choices for 2013-2014:

Libby - 3rd Grade

Math- Teaching Textbooks 3 (we are making the switch from math u see and are super excited about it!)
Reading/Phonics- Phonics Pathways and Reading Pathways (Libby is dyslexic and needs lots of repetitive drilling in phonics. These books are great for that!)
Writing- IEW Bible Heroes, Prescripts Cursive Words 
Spelling- Sequential Spelling 1 and All About Spelling 
(We are trying both of these because there are things about both programs that I like and I need to see which one Libby responds to the best before we go one way or another.)

Emma Jane- 1st grade

Math- Math U See Alpha
Reading- IEW Primary Arts of Language Reading (We will actually be done with this in October and then I don't know exactly what we will do.)
Writing- IEW Bible Heroes, Prescripts Cursive Letters
Spelling- All About Spelling 1

John- PreK

Preschool- a combination of COAH's Letter of the Week and 1+1+1=1's RRPS
Math- Math U See Primer
Handwriting- Handwriting Without Tears 

We are also a part of a Classical Conversations community, so we use that as our spine curriculum. CC will drive our history, science, and geography studies for the year.

Hopefully I can get all of this organized and the mess that is currently my dining room table cleaned up in time for our start date of August 19!


Mama Bear said...

Hey! How did you find out for certain that Libby had dyslexia? Maybe I will just message you!

Tammy said...

Great post! I'm so not ready for this year...just wanted to let you know when you're done with PAL, since it's early, First Language Lessons was super easy (just open and read), simple to implement, and didn't take long each day at all. I bought the used 1st/2nd grade book and we all loved it. Caroline learned some of the poems with Bekah and me. Just an idea.

What didn't u like about Math-U-See? I've been telling people those I know who use it like it, so I want to correct that if needed. :)

Kara said...

We are a CC family too! We love PAL and will finish it this spring I think. IEW has a great yahoo group where many people as questions like, "what would you do next". My big questions is do I stay with All About Spelling or switch to Phonetic Zoo after PAL. Stopping by from the blog hop! Hope you have a great year!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I just had an anxiety attack.

How do you do it, woman? Your house always looks clean, kids (also clean) look well cared for, you and the Hubby look happy. If I homeschooled, about three of those other priorities would have to go...

BTW... FABULOUS family portrait!! That one-----> over there ---->