Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When "water" play isn't appropriate

In my 8 years of motherhood, I have dealt with some pretty gross stuff.
From normal gross, like baby blow outs on an airplane and holding out my hand to catch the partially digested piece of food some child just upchucked to less normal gross like Emma Jane and the "that's not lipstick" incident.

I would say my gross factor tolerance level is pretty high.

But every once in a while a child will break through the that's-so-gross-I-don't-even-want-to-touch-you barrier and I honestly won't even be able to think about it for days afterward without getting the willies.

So yesterday, I was in the shower and I had actually managed to get a whole 90 seconds of alone time before John burst through the door.

"I gotta go potty, mommy!"

By all means...

Twenty seconds after that, I hear "No, Jami!  No, no! Stop it!"

I quickly poked my head out of the curtain and what did I see?

My sweet, precious, previously untainted baby splashing around in the toilet!

The toilet my son had just peed in!

I shrieked.
John shrieked.
Jami splashed.

John, who I never realized was so quick on his feet in a crisis, quickly moved Jami and closed the lid and then ran to go get Daddy.

Daddy came, retrieved the pee covered baby and my heart rate returned to normal as I finished my shower.
A few minutes later, Brad came back into the bathroom and I asked him if Jami's hands were good and washed.

He said NO.

That hand was just splashing around in a bowl full of PEE!  That is not something you can just wipe off!"

Full. body. shudder.


Emily said...

Bahahahaha! Ok, and I'm seriously impressed ith John. I'm pretty sure Charlie would have just stood there.

Emmy said...

Ewe!! Yes makes me shudder too. That is awesome that John did pull him away though, I wonder what my kids would do.

Cyndi said...

BWahaha! EWE!! I shudder with you!

Shell said...

Kids are so gross.

One of my boys was constantly finding toilets to splash in. We joked that he was trying for an Olympic medal in toilet diving. Joking because we were trying to keep ourselves from throwing up.