Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Traveling Tales

Last weekend, I took a little quick trip home to Tampa to see some friends and sing at church.
I was really looking forward to my solo plane ride.
I was looking forward to reading a book in which Thomas the Train made no appearance! 
I was looking forward to no little voices asking are we there yet.
I felt practically carefree when I boarded the plane.

For about two minutes...

I'm pretty sure Delta has me flagged in their system.
Because even though I didn't have my many children with me, my seat was still in the very back of the plane surrounded by toddlers.

Luckily, I like kids and since I know how nerve wracking traveling with little ones can be, I am usually pretty patient with other people's children. 
Let me stress usually!

I was sitting right next to a dad traveling alone with his two year old son.  
A two year old that clearly did not want to be on the airplane.
He screamed a LOT!
And loudly!
And I am pretty sure that he was missing his mommy because he kept trying to crawl into my lap.
When he wasn't screaming or trying to sit on me, he was giving me stickers or trying to share his cookies with me or trying to put his head phones on me so that I could watch Madagascar, too.
Not gonna lie...I prayed hard that these two would not be on my connecting flight from Atlanta!

About midway through the flight, there appeared out of no where another, unsupervised little boy next to me.  He also felt at liberty to drape himself across my lap and ask me all sort of questions.
"What's your name?"
"What's his name?"
"What are you doing?"

I only had one question:
"Where is your mother?!"

She was across the aisle and behind me.
After calling him to her with no results a few times she finally got up to come get him.
He of course, took off running up the aisle to the front of the plane.

By the time we landed in Atlanta, I was so ready to get of the airplane!
But since I was sitting in the back of the plane, I knew that wasn't happening anytime soon.
While I was sitting there waiting, the little girl who had been sitting directly behind me came into the aisle and stood next to me.

After a moment or two of staring at me, she reached out and started rubbing my arm.
I really think I must have a tattoo on my forehead that says "I'm used to small people touching me all day, feel free."  

Her dad quickly grabbed her hand and told her to keep her hands to herself.
That did not deter her.
She started rubbing my arm again almost immediately.
Again her dad told her to stop.
She smile at me and said, "But I like her."
He responded with "personal space."
I just started laughing.

She continued to rub my arm off and on for the next few minutes or so until I finally just stood up.
I was slightly afraid she would start rubbing my bottom, but thankfully she didn't!

On my next flight, I was so grateful to be sitting next to adults!

While my flight to Tampa was annoying and not at all relaxing, my flight home was nothing short of pure torture!

Let me just say that I hate the Atlanta airport.  I am pretty sure that it exists solely to create a bottle neck of flights and to frustrate and confuse travelers.

My plane from Tampa arrived into Atlanta an hour late.  
This didn't bother me at first because it just shortened my layover time from 2 1/2 hours to 1 1/2 hours.
And then the delays started.
First it was twenty minutes.
Then 45 minutes.
Then two hours.

Then they changed my departure gate.
Five times.

After sitting in the airport for 8 hours, I finally got to board a plane at 12:35am.
At 4:15am, I finally was able to fall into bed.

Libby woke me up four hours later.

I have decided that I will never set foot in the Atlanta airport again.
We'll see.


imbeingheldhostage said...

It's like you're a child whisperer or something. I hope I have the pleasure of being on a plane with you some day- I could use a break from my four while traveling LOL!!

Kelbe said...

I love it! Next time just drive..if your able.