Tuesday, July 30, 2013

too cool for the pool

We have experienced a lot of firsts this summer.
Including an outing so fun we repeated it two days in a row:

Our first time to a public pool!

In Florida, almost everybody has a pool right out their own back door and as soon as the weather get even slightly warm, my kids want to start swimming everyday.
This is usually sometime around the end of March!

In New Hampshire, almost no one has a private pool and the public pools don't even open for the season until after July 4th!
So another first for us would be waiting until mid-July for the first swim of the summer.

When we got to the pool, I told the kids that this pool would be different from our pool at home.  I told them there are rules and if they broke the rules the lifeguards would blow a whistle at them.

By the look they all gave me, you would have thought I said, "the lifeguards have guns and if you break a rule they will blow your face off."
But considering how bad John is about running by the pool, I figured a little terror was a good thing!

They were so excited to be swimming again!

After about an hour, all the whistles blew and I realized I had forgotten to share another important public pool rule:
 The Five Minute Break.
The kids were confused but they sat on the side of the pool with everyone else and patiently waited for the whistle to blow again.

Libby may have used her five minutes for a little snack break.

We had so much fun on day 1, we brought Jami back on day 2 for a little first of her own.
That's right, my Florida baby had to travel all the way to New Hampshire just to go swimming for the first time.
I so wish our pool at home had a zero entry shallow end!

But she had so much fun, I think the days of keeping her out of our big backyard "bath" are over.  Time for swim lessons!

And yes, I realize that her hat is too small.  She made it perfectly clear that she did not appreciate me jamming her big ole head into it!  Poor little fourth baby!

How are you beating the heat this summer?

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