Monday, July 15, 2013

Space Camp

Last week, the daddies were both out of town for work.
Since we had no "field trips" planned without daddy, we thought this would be a good week to enroll the kids in camp.

The 4 older kids had a blast being Planetary Explorers at the McAuliffe-Shephard Discovery Center.
They learned all about planets and our solar system.  
They got to view the night sky at the planetarium and look through a real telescope but the highlight of the week was definitely the egg drop on Friday!

The children all worked so hard on their egg holders.  
They made some pretty impressive contraptions!

The space camp instructors went up on the roof to drop the egg while the children waited on the curb below.
Some of them could barely contain their excitement!

Then came the moment of truth!
One by one the eggs were dropped.

Libby's was the only one that cracked.
At first, she wasn't too upset.

She did get a little teary when she realized everyone else's egg survived.

But overall, they had a great week at Space Camp!
And Mommy and Aunt Catie enjoyed a little down time!

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