Friday, July 5, 2013

One Morning in Maine

We took a day trip to Maine recently.
Can I just say that I love that we can drive an hour in almost any direction and be in a other state!
Drive an hour in any direction in Florida and, well you will still be in Florida.  Or the ocean...

We started our day in Ogunquit, ME.
We watched the lobster boats come in at Perkins Cove and climbed on the rocks along the beach.
Then we sampled some of that yummy, fresh lobster for lunch.  

After lunch, we drove through the rest of the town and Brad stopped at a bakery to buy a blueberry pie.  Because you can't go to Maine without getting blueberry pie!

We left Ogunquit and went to see to Nubble Lighthouse in York, ME.  
This picture does not do justice to just how cute and picturesque this lighthouse was.  It looked like a postcard!
We drove down 1A along the coast and looked at all of the beautiful beach houses and gawked at all of the crazy Yankees swimming in the ocean.  It was 62 degrees outside!  

We ended the day at York Wild Kingdom.  It started raining right after we bought our tickets!

But the rain didn't dampen any one's spirits...

and it didn't stop us from walking all through the zoo.

We saw butterflies, a gorgeous white Bengal tiger (which I didn't get a good picture of), lions, camels, and lots of other wild animals.  

Emma Jane chased some ducks and we tried to feed fallow deer but she just fed herself instead.

Emma Jane has no fear of animals and probably would have tried to pet the Bengal tiger if she could have gotten near it.  Morgan on the other hand went in to hysterics at the mere sight of the deer coming towards her.
(I love this picture of Libby comforting her.  It is just so typical of these two!)

After animals, we rode some rides on the other side of the park.
The "Fun House" was a favorite.  All of the kids, including daddy, went through several times.

While Jami and I were waiting by the merry go round, I spent a few minutes chatting with a grandfather who waiting for his granddaughter as well.   He told me that he had ridden this same merry go round when he was 6 years old and that many of the rides had been around since the 1920s!  I thought that was an interesting little fun fact.  The whole town looked like it was right out of the 1950s.

After a fun-filled, rainy day in Maine we headed back to New Hampshire.
We we got home I read them a book I had picked up along the way.

This book was filled with everything that comes to mind when you think of Maine: blueberries, moose, lobsters, pine trees...
And on the last page, something else that is common here in New England:  the phrase "wicked good."

Libby said, "What does that mean?  Isn't wicked bad?"
That's what I thought too!

Silly sayings aside, we are having a "wicked good" time!


Bren said...

It would be so exciting to explore like that. We are in Wisconsin and one hour in each direction basically takes us to another farm! :)

Emmy said...

Man I see all these outings in the rain and it makes me shudder-- I am such a wimp now living in SoCal :)