Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lake day

One of the things on Brad's "New Hampshire bucket list" was to rent a boat and spend a day out on one of the big lakes near our house.

In order to do that, he had to have a boating license.
After cramming for about 20 minutes, he took his test, scored 21/25 (20 would have been failing), and he was issued his temporary boating license.

I asked him later if there had been any practical portion of the exam.
You know, like when you get a driver's license and you have to actually prove you can drive a car...

Just 1 point better than failing and you get a boat! ;)

Luckily, driving a boat is way easier than driving a car!
And the lake was pretty empty that day.
We had successfully prayed for no rain, but we forgot to pray for warm weather too.
It was a wee bit chilly that day!

Not that the cold stopped these crazy kids from jumping in the water!

John was less sure about the lake than his sisters and took a lot of convincing to get in the water.
He immediately decided it was a bad idea!

Once, safely back on the boat, John spent the rest of the day either snacking or sleeping!

 The other big kids spent the rest of the day tubing.  
Unfortunately the pontoon boat was not not nearly fast enough to satisfy these little speed demons!

It was however plenty fast enough for the other two kids that gave it a go!

 Sadly, the lake did not have a zero entry end for Jami, so she was unable to enjoy this bath!
(Have I mentioned that she labels any body of water big enough to splash in a "bath".)
Instead she helped out with driving the boat instead of swimming.

When she wasn't busy napping

 or playing dress up in Uncle Pat's radioactive pullover.
Anyone else think she looks like Slimer?

Not to worry though, these two did enough swimming for everyone! :)

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Kmama said...

How fun! My kids are such water babies. They don't care how cold it is...they HAVE to be in the water!