Friday, July 26, 2013

Jami's Birth Day

Tomorrow is a big day.

Jami and I will both be celebrating a birthday.
Technically I will be 33, but I like to think that since Jami was born on my birthday that it is now her birthday and I get to stop aging. No?

Last year, my birthday plans were pretty low-key.
I was going to get a pedicure, get my hair done, take a nice long nap and then go over to my friend, Cyndi's house in my pajamas for movie night and cake.

I certainly didn't plan on giving birth.
I actually didn't plan on doing that for like another two weeks.
One week at the very least!

But God and Jami had other plans!
Very early in the morning on the 27th, I woke up with contractions.
They weren't very painful, but consistent enough to keep me from really falling back to sleep.
At 6am, when Brad woke up I told him that I had been having contractions for 3 hours and would probably be having a baby sometime later that day.

The first words out of my sweet husband's mouth were "Can I still go play golf?"
I am sure my body was releasing some sort of "happy hormone" at the time because I did not throw a lamp at him.

"Yes, you can still go golf.  I have an appointment at 9. I'll let you know what the doctor says." said the wife of the year.

Before going to my appt, I sat down to rework my plans for the day.  
Since I hadn't packed a hospital bag, washed any baby clothes, made up the crib, or gotten the infant seat out of the attic, I had a feeling my nap was not going to happen!

By the time I got to the doctor's office I was starting to feel "in labor" and I was already mentally crossing a pedicure off my list.

The doctor confirmed what I already knew.  
I was 3cm dilated, 50% effaced, her head was nice and low, and I was definitely having a baby that day.
At this point, I started to get really excited.  I have never spontaneously dilated and I really thought that God was answering my prayers for a pitocin free delivery.  

And then she listened for a heartbeat and couldn't find one.
I wasn't worried yet.  Jami was kicking like crazy so I knew she was fine.

Dr was worried though and sent me down the hall for a non-stress test to monitor Jami.
20 minutes later, Jami failed the NST and I was sent down the hall in the other direction for a sonogram.

As much as I just really wanted to leave the doctor's office and get on with my day at this point, thank goodness for sonograms!
Jami's heart was beating loud and clear over the ultrasound, but instead of her head pressing downward, it was her bum.
She was in a full Frank breech position with her feet up by her ears.
The ultrasound tech just looked at me and said, "Did you not know she was breech?"
I was like, "My last sono was 20 weeks ago! How should I have known?"
And the bad news just continued...
I was also leaking fluid and she was engaged.
There was no turning back.

All of my big birthday plans:
even going home to pack a bag flew out the window.

All of my plans for a completely natural, drug-free delivery also went out the window.
I was sent to the hospital for an emergency c-section instead.

I have to give it to my husband here.
When I called him, completely freaking out about having a c-section, he was so calm and reassuring!
He told me he would get the kids settled at Cyndi's, go home to pack for me and then meet me at the hospital.
I actually felt better when we got off the phone.
I later found out that he immediately called my sister and freaked out all over her!

8 hours and one small(ish) panic attack on the operating table later, Jami was born and I got to meet my baby girl for the first time!

Apparently, my "emergency" c-section wasn't the most pressing emergency that day, so I got to spend all day hanging out in the hospital, twiddling my thumbs.
So wish I had gone home first to pack myself!

This was the last time I held her that night, because as I already knew, anesthesia is not my friend!
I spent the rest of the night throwing up and Jami spent it in the nursery.

 But even though my plans failed, I was and am so thankful that God's plans are bigger. 
 I almost skipped my appointment that morning since I already knew I was in labor.  I figured I could just show up at the hospital when it was time to push.
 And sometimes when I am feeling sorry for my failed plans and my ugly scar, I think to myself, "what a waste, I could have pushed that tiny baby out easy." 
But the truth is, I have no idea what God was protecting me and Jami from when he hid her heartbeat in the exam room and during the NST.  
We wouldn't have discovered she was breech until too late without that sonogram.
So today, before her birthday, I am thanking God for my ugly scar and my healthy baby! 

 Now a whole year has passed in the blink of an eye!
And yes, I realize I am missing 2 months. September was a bad month for pictures!
Happy almost Birthday, Jami!


Emily said...

Lordy, I will never forget that day either!! Happy birthday, LPS and Jami!!!

Cyndi said...

A day I will always remember as well! God is funny and has a plan! Love you Jami! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wow, how did it take me a YEAR to know this story? So glad you did what you were supposed to and it all turned out with a very happy ending... Ok, my immaturity just kicked in when I said "ending"- she wasa coming "end" first, get it.

Yes, it is late...

Happy double bday!

Kelbe said...

Wow! You need a Eucharisteo journal. Are you familiar with Ann Voskamp and her book One Thousand Gifts?