Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Libby has lately been telling anyone and everyone that she is famous.  
Our trip to New England seems to be reinforcing her belief that she is famous. 

 While in Maine, we drove past a little house with a sign out front that said "Libby's Cottage."  Then on the way to see Uncle Pat's parents for Fourth of July we passed a restaurant called "Libby's Bar and Grille."  
She is convinced that these places were named after her.

While in Vermont, she got to experience another little taste of fame. 
 We were walking around the Church St. area of Burlington after dinner and stopped to watch a street performer. 
 We have seen several of these little street shows and in every single one a kid gets pulled out of the audience to assist with the show.  And without fail, that kid has always been paid $5.  

My sister and I were convinced that these kids were staged. 
 We were proved wrong. 
 Because this time, Libby got pulled in!  
And my little fame hound could not have been more thrilled!  

In fact, she told John the street performer that she was famous.  

In front of a crowd of people.  

In fact, she chattered on for several minutes about all the reasons she was famous and I'm pretty sure John was thinking to himself, "Great, this kid is going to totally steal my show!"

She has clearly gotten over that slow-to-warm-up shyness she experienced as a little one. 

 Having seen a one or two of these shows before, Libby knew what was coming.  
She was expecting $5. 

He gave her one. 

At first.
But my smart girl did not show her disappointment.
She just smiled and kept helping him stack the chairs. 

  Later he pulled out the fiver, making Libby the highest paid child assistant we have ever witnessed. 

 At the end of the show when the tip bucket was pulled out, John the performer said, "Now Libby, I don't want your five dollars in the bucket.  You earned that.
  I want your parents five dollars!"  

To which Libby responded, "No problem!"  
Libby's parents didn't have five dollars.  
So he got twenty.  
And since Libby made sure he saw her put in a twenty, she ensured that her fame will continue.

Because if you were a street performer and your child assistant tipped you $20 would you use that story in your next show when the tip bucket went around?

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Emily said...

ok, that entire thing is hilarious!