Monday, July 29, 2013


It's not a birthday party without cake!
And when your having a party celebrating three birthdays in one, that adds up to a LOT of cake!

We had one super cool nascar cake for our big 6 year old, my nephew Ryan!

And then there were the TWO purple cakes for me!
(Long story.)
We only ate one.
The other one is in the freezer.

Since we already had three cakes at this point, Jami just dug into a piece of nascar cake
and enjoyed it as thoroughly as if it had been her own little girly smash cake.
She was immediately excused from the party to take a quick bath!

After everyone had eaten their fill of cake and ice cream (and gotten cleaned up) we took a group picture of the July 27th birthday buddies.
What a great day to turn "24", 1, and 6!

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Cyndi said...

The purple cake is beautiful!