Friday, June 7, 2013

The new normal

After a week in New Hampshire, we are still settling in but as Emma Jane said this morning, "It is starting to feel like we are at home."

Jami feels at home!

Everything is unpacked and we are getting a routine down.  

We were greeted by the sun our first morning here at 4:30 am.  That was a big surprise to everyone and step one of developing our new routine was learning that the sun does not necessarily signal morning!!  The only one that has had no trouble with this is Libby.  She sleeps until 8:30 or 9 every morning and is still none the wiser of the early sunrise.

The nightly tick check is another new addition to our routine here in New England.  Every night I check the kids all over for ticks.  And every night there are a few to pick off.  Mostly they are really tiny and I don't mind picking them off.  
(Unfortunately the tiny ones are most likely to be carrying Lyme disease but if you catch them with 24 hours that is not an issue.)
Yesterday, Brad took the kids for a hike on a trail that was home to some much larger ticks.  
Hiking Totten trails

When I lifted up Libby's shirt to inspect her back, I was so surprised at the size of the tick on her that I screamed. 
 Which made her cry. 
 But luckily daddy came to our rescue and got it off.
And then he may have chastised me a bit for being a wuss and scaring our daughter.
Hey, I will take the tiny, disease carrying ones over those big, blood-sucking honkers any day!

The girls are still taking gymnastics over the summer and we are trying to fit in a little school work here and there.

Everyone is spending so much time outside.  The weather has just been perfect!  Most mornings, John is dressed and outside playing before breakfast.
I feel slightly guilty bragging about the great weather here when I know all my friends in Florida are being drenched by Andrea right now.
But only slightly.

There is so much to explore.  One never knows what might be found hiding in a corner of the yard.

Like this asparagus Emma Jane found while watering the garden.  
Now if we could just find 20 more!


Emily said...

Fun times! I am so comming to visit!

Emily said...

And you should make "Resort Snellings" a check-in spot on FB. :)

Emmy said...

Glad you are settling in -- love all the green you have now; but yea not the ticks! I would have screamed too