Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home, New England style

Last Friday our family started off on an adventure.  
Loaded down with a ridiculous number of suitcases, we boarded a plane and flew to New Hampshire, which we do several times a year.

But this time, instead of staying for just a week, we are staying for a summer!

Last fall, Brad and I began seriously discussing buying a vacation home.  This is a conversation that has been thrown around for years but never really hashed out.  A beach condo seemed like a waste since we are so close to beach already and a mountain home in north Georgia or South Carolina seemed to far for a few weekends here and there.

And then we started thinking about where we spend most of our vacations anyways and the logical choice seemed to be New Hampshire.  But in order to make it worthwhile, we would need to spend a good chunk of time here.  Brad had a meeting with his business partner and they worked out a summer work schedule that was good for both of them.  And great for the wives and kids involved because it means more time with daddy!

And then in December, Brad flew up to New Hampshire and with the help of my sister, he bought us a house!  

We will now be spending most of every summer in New England's tiniest town living in this charming, 1789 farmhouse with 27 acres behind it to explore.  

And the best part, it is only 17 minutes, door to door, to see my sister!  We haven't gotten to spend this much time together since, well it's been a long time.  And since we shared one bathroom sink in those days, we didn't appreciate the togetherness that much!

We are already having so much fun!  And I am sure I will quickly get used to being so chilly first thing in the morning in June!
For the next two months, I am officially a Yankee!


imbeingheldhostage said...

What a wonderful adventure! You will be so richly blessed with the memories you'll be making this and future summers. Congrats!!

Emmy said...

That is seriously so awesome! So awesome your husband has work that he can take a ton of time off like that and that you are so close to your sister. Are you going to rent it out other times of the year or just leave it empty?