Monday, June 24, 2013


 My sweet firstborn turned 8 on Father's Day.

For the first time in her life, I missed her actual birthday.
(And Father's Day.  Double whammy!)
Libby tried her best to make me feel guilty about this, which I did a little bit.

But she forgave me when I made her, per her request, a "man-sized" steak and lemon cake to celebrate!
Daddy upped the ante with some homemade ice cream and we invited cousins over to sing happy birthday.
Nana, Aunt Martha and Uncle Ed were also there, so it was quite a party!

I found out a week later that Libby was sick the next day (too much man-sized steak, I guess) and between the sick and no mommy, she dubbed it her "worst birthday ever."

Happy (sort of) Birthday!
I can't believe she is eight!

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Kmama said...

Happy birthday Libby! That's too bad that she got sick. No fun at all. And Mommy guilt isn't fun either!