Monday, May 6, 2013

9 months

So this post is a little behind.
Jami turned 9 months over a week ago!

She is getting so big so fast!
Actually she is getting so old so fast, because she is anything but big!

She is into everything these days.
She is starting to cruise and really wants to just walk!
The other day she tried to take a step and of course fell flat on her face!  
The funniest part was that she was honestly surprised that she could just walk across the room like she intended!

Here are a few pictures of her from this last month:


Kmama said...

What a cutie! I can't believe she's already trying to walk. Luke better not try that before he turns 1. ;-)

Emily said...

I am so glad she managed to get that sticker off and into her mouth. It was clear that was her goal. :) Jami, you are so cute and I cannot wait to get my hands on you!!