Thursday, April 18, 2013

The one where everything gets lost

I'm not the world's most organized person.
I'm actually sort of a clutter queen.

I've tried to be more organized.  
I've read books about organization, attended a workshop about organization, even hired a professional organizer to help get the closets under control.
That lasted about two weeks.

But despite my like of obvious organization, I usually know where everything is.    The clutter stops short of being chaos because I know where everything is!

Anyways, last weekend we took a little family vacay to Disney World.  This was our first trip to Disney in two years so we were all a little giddy with excitement.  And giddiness apparently makes me lose things.  Or maybe hunger, because dinner time also seemed to be common factor.

Our first night in Orlando, we went to Downtown Disney and had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  A really, really long dinner.  After we put in our order we didn't even see our waitress for half an hour.  By the end of the meal everyone was exhausted and on the verge of a meltdown.  Brad took the kids out to the gift shop while I waited for the bill and then waited some more to sign the receipt and then I hightailed it out of there and to the hotel to put my grumpy kids to bed.  
The next morning I realized that I had failed to retrieve my credit card when I signed that receipt in such a hurry.

No biggie.  I knew where it was so we went on to the Magic Kingdom.  

I love the Magic Kingdom!  
It has everything: princesses, a fabulous castle (that I really want to live in), princesses, fun rides. 
 It really is the happiest place on Earth!  
Unless you are a great big fraidy cat pretending to be a wild man...
John hated all of the rides that I was so excited about him finally being tall enough to ride.  
No Thunder Mountain.  
No Splash Mountain.  
But by golly, we rode People Mover three times in a row!

After a fun, Mickey-filled day, we headed back to Downtown Disney to get my credit card.  Then we went to go get dinner. Sometime between dinner and bedtime, I lost my cell phone.  
Brad and I both searched the car, the hotel room, and we went back to the restaurant and talked to the manager.  
It just disappeared.
Although I actually think it was stolen.

I was pretty bummed, but still managed to have good time at Epcot the next day.  
Our third day at Disney was cut short because Libby lost her lunch, i.e. got sick.
I really don't know why we keep going on vacations!

We returned home, unpacked and Emma Jane promptly lost three of the teeny tiny shoes that went to her Sleeping Beauty "polly pocket" set.
So glad I let her talk me into that souvenir!

I unpacked, and then got Jami ready for bed.  
But when I went to the kitchen to make her a bottle, I couldn't find the formula.
I searched the kitchen and the car.  
I made Brad search the kitchen and the car.
I searched every room in the house and then the car again.
Then I just lost it.
Brad escaped the crying by going to Walgreen's to buy more formula.

Two days later I found the formula.
In the car.
Right where it was supposed to be.

So good news, in addition to losing my marbles I am also going blind!


Mama Bear said...

Bless your heart ;)

It's the kids! They take our brain cells with them when they are thrust into the world.

Emily said...

Well, you didn't loose your kids or husband so at least you keep up with the important stuff!

And I'll just keep my comments about your organizing skills to myself. :)

And now that you have a phone me back!

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

Love this! Never a dull moment with 4 kids right?!? We are going to Disney next week:). Hope I don't lose as much as you did. Haha!!!

Angie said...

I lose things all the time too. I also drop things. I'm so clumsy. I broke my iPhone screen twice in one month. Sigh.

Emmy said...

Oh no! So sorry about your phone. That is the worst. That stinks that you had to wait that long at dinner, my kids would have been crazy.

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

You guys do keep your vacations interesting!

Magic Kingdom is our first stop on Thursday when we get there@