Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Squeaky clean

This isn't Jami's first bath, but it's pretty close.
I don't think it would take even both of my hands to count the number of bathes she has in her short life.  
Bath time is probably my least favorite parenting job.

Now before you start judging me think to yourself, "Ew, gross"...

On second thought, judge away.  I judge myself when I actually start to think about it.
When Libby was a baby, Daddy was in charge of bath and bedtime.   Therefore, she had a bath, a massage, and a bedtime story every night.

Jami, bless her little heart, is baby #4

She is lucky if I actually remember to turn the light off after tossing her in her crib.
And let's be real, the only reason the older three bathe regularly is because they can bathe themselves!

But the other night, I noticed the remnants of about three meals lingering on her face and neck so to the bath she went.

Now the few times that I have actually given her bath, she has pretty much screamed bloody murder the entire time.
This time however, she did not cry!  

In fact, she had fun!
She has discovered the joys of splashing!
(I am fairly certain that she is going to start demanding a bath more regularly. Darn it!)

She splashed for about twenty minutes without stopping.  
The water was cold when I finally dragged her out of the tub.  

But clearly the cold water was not bothering her!
She was not happy about getting out of the tub!

I think it is time for Daddy to take over bath time duties again!

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Stacy Uncorked said...

Oh I love it! She's such a CUTIE!! :) Princess Nagger went through the anti-bath mode then 'don't you dare take me out of the bath in spite of how cold the water is now!' mode. :)

Psycho Mother Nature

Emily said...

You know my theory....just add bubbles and they'll come out lean! Ha!

Emmy said...

Oh eye poke! And you are not the only one who dreads bath time. A couple of days ago my kids really needed baths, but it was spring break and we hadn't gone anywhere that day and they were all still in pajamas, so yea we waited one more day :)