Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ski vacation 2013

We are finally back in Florida after two fun-filled weeks of winter wonderland adventures.
New Hampshire really pulled out all the stops weather-wise and most mornings we woke up to freshly falling snow!

Fresh snow=great skiing conditions!

We spent the first half of our vacation skiing at Loon Mountain.  I've come to the realization that I have peaked as a skier.  In a conversation with my bro-in-law, Pat, I mentioned that I've become really comfortable with Loon Mountain.  His response, "You haven't even seen half of Loon Mtn." 
Me: "Okay, I'm really comfortable with Bear Claw." (A pretty easy green slope.)

Emma Jane on the other hand, informed me that next year she wants to go down Angel Street. (A black diamond.)  And she can probably totally handle it!  

She may have left me in the dust, I mean, the snow, a few times!

But since I am a total poser, there may have been new ski clothes involved this year! 
 I may not ski well but at least I look good doing it! ;)

In addition to skiing, the kids spent tons of time playing outside in the snow!
They made their very first snow man,

with a little help from Uncle Philip.

And there may have been a snowball fight involving this guy!!

Not everyone loved the snow though.

Jami broke down into tears every time we put on her coat and hat.  
She is a Florida baby through and through!

We had fun indoors too!

We went rock climbing.

Some of us were better at it than others!

And we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday at the library.

John was bummed that Dr. Seuss didn't actually show up!

But our time in New Hampshire wasn't all fun and games...

There may have been some puking...okay, a lot of puking.

Seriously, what is it with my kids and puking in New Hampshire!

But a little puking is a small price to pay for some quality time with Uncle Philip,

our new Aunt Amy,

And Uncle Pat and Aunt Catie,

and our cousins.

I seriously love these people!

And despite the puking, I think this was our best winter vacation yet!

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imbeingheldhostage said...

awww, you're a good sport to declare a puking holiday your best winter vacation yet :) It really did look super awesome before the bucket/toilet photos (and how funny is it that you took those!!).