Friday, March 22, 2013

Next time bring candy

I love nature!

Through a glass window, from my air conditioned living room, that is.

When we were in New Hampshire recently, John knocked over a large potted plant in my sister's house and got dirt all over her floor.  

Just reconfirmed why I think nature should stay outside!

Not to mention that I kill potted plants.
Brad brought one of those indestructible ivy plants into our relationship and I managed to kill it with in the first year of our marriage.

My children disagree with me that nature belongs outside and have made it their mission in life to bring as many outside things inside as possible!

I have received many lovely bouquets of "flowers" over the years.  Bouquets that have quickly been disposed of, along with lectures about how picking said "flowers" causes them to die and how they aren't even really flowers but weeds, etc.

(I know, I know, I'm completely heartless, but seriously, I don't want that crap in my house!)

But the lectures have done nothing to dampen their spirits or deter them from continuing to bring me "flowers."  
They have simply gotten smarter about it.

Yesterday, Libby and Emma Jane both came inside with a fist full of "flowers" and said "look mom, we brought you some beautiful weeds!"
Then they proceeded to put the weeds in a "vase" and set them on the window sill next to the kitchen sink for me to admire as I do dishes.

Thoughtful, huh?
I swear they don't listen when I talk!

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Kmama said...

They called them weeds. That's so funny. They are pretty weeds though!

Chasing Joy said...

Sounds like they are listening. They understand that they are really weeds. They just disagree on the keeping them out the house thing.

It's nice that they are bringing them to you.