Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Because sometimes one holiday isn't enough...

I really love holidays.

Our Valentine's party was so fun, I briefly entertained the idea of throwing a similar St Patty's Day party.
That thought was quickly followed by "Have you lost your ever-loving mind?!"

Really.  Three parties in 4 weeks would have been overkill.

But we still had lots of St Patrick's Day fun!

Starting with Irish pancakes!
These are exactly like my Valentine pancakes, only green, not pink.
I know that little mystery was confounding you...you're welcome!

After breakfast, we all dressed in green and rushed off to church.
After church, we went to the park for our Sunday School class's annual Easter egg "hunt".

There was a little playground bullying flirting, too!

Eggs were found.

Some undesirable eggs were put back.

Then we rushed home to continue the St. Patrick's Day fun!
The kids were so confused!

While those cooked, we read all about St Patrick and the girls worked on a fun St Patrick activity pack.

John and I worked on this fun lapbook.

Unfortunately, I downloaded this little gem so many years ago, I do not know what the original source is.  If you recognize it, let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due.  

I was pleasantly surprised by how much John enjoyed this.  I see more lapbooks in his future!

We made handprint four-leaf clovers.
Originally, this activity was just for John but the girls really wanted to do it too. 

By this time our cakes were baked.  I opened the oven door expecting to see something like this:

Ours turned out more like this:
I haven't decided if this counts as a Pinterest success or fail?
Oh well, they were still tasty!

Happy St Patrick's Day!

What fun things did you do to celebrate the day?


imbeingheldhostage said...

Soooo glad your cakes turned out like my stuff always does-let me guess, Pinterest? :) You are such an awesome mom, your kids are going to have fabulous childhood memories.

Kmama said...

Love the cakes. So funny. That's typically what happens to me.

What a fun St. Patty's day for your kids!

Emmy said...

Sadly we didn't do a thing, but my kids never even mentioned it so not too worried.

And yep that might just be a pinterest fail-- I have had many fails myself