Monday, February 11, 2013

School at home

I have a confession to make:  This homeschooling mama doesn't homeschool all of her kids!
John goes to preschool twice a week to give me a break from the chaos that is a three year old boy!

But recently, he has started asking me to have school at home, "like the guhrls."
I'm not really ready to start full on homeschool with him, but if he really wants to, I can put out some activities, tot tray style, for him to work on while the girls are having school.

So last week, I gathered some things together and set up his trays on a shelf in the schoolroom.  His teacher told me last week at our conference that John needs some help with fine motor development so that is what I focused on.  

 The box on the top shelf contains play dough.  
Then he has a letter page to watercolor, rhyming cards, lacing beads, and a cutting page on his trays.  
The bottom box has blocks for him to play with when he finished with his trays.  
(Because, you know I expected him to complete all of this in one day!  Apparently the joke is on me!) 

 John had no interest whatsoever in doing any of his school work when I showed him his shelf!

So we went outside and played with sidewalk chalk instead.  I wrote his name for him, he told me some of the letters and we called that school.

After two days of being neglected, John's tot trays got some love.  The camera..not so much!

This is John's get-that-camera-out-of-my-face-before-I-break-it face.  
He really was having fun with his play dough before Mommy interrupted.  

After play dough, he moved onto lacing beads.  (And he gave mommy's camera a few more death stares.)

Cutting was a big hit and he actually did a really good job! 

Watercolor painting and rhyming cards were met with much less enthusiasm.
But all in all, school at home with John was not the enormous disaster that I expected.

It's possible we may do this again sometime!

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Forest Rose said...

Looks like a great start momma! Thanks for sharing your fine motor tray ideas!! Blessings!

Forest Rose