Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homeschool Valentine Party

Today, my girls hosted a Valentine's Party for some of our homeschooling friends. 

Pinterest gave me some great, easy ideas for our party starting with the super cute FREE printable Valentine invitations from here!

I made heart sugar cookies for the kids to decorate,

which they did with gusto!  
(That is an obscene amount of sprinkles!  He is actually trying to take some of the sprinkles back off in this picture!)

In addition to cookies, we had Marshmallow Pops,

heart shaped cheese and fruit,

 and Love Potion No. 9 to drink!

(The pinterest link for this appears to be broken, but it is pink lemonade, sprite and raspberry sherbet.)

For a craft the kids made these adorable handprint Valentines.

 And what party would be complete without a goody bag full of junk, I mean treasures, from the sale rack at Michaels.

Despite the rain that kept everyone trapped in the house (and on a sugar high), the party was a huge success!

A good time was had by all.

Even Jami.  
Although she was a little disappointed that no one shared a cookie with her!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Danielle said...

My boys had a great time they are still talking about it

Katlyn Kizzee said...

That is such a cute idea!

Jennifer {Life Darling} said...

Awww! What a lovely party - and I love that Love Potion Punch! I've had something similar but with lime sherbet, MMMMM! :-)

Crystal said...

What a super fun party! Love it.