Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jami is 7 months

We are currently in the middle of our annual ski vacation, but I didn't want to forget to document Jami's 7th month.  

She is growing so fast!

She currently weighs 15 lbs and is about 25 inches long.
(I know, I know, she is the size of a 4 month old!)

She is sitting up like a pro and I have caught her trying to get up on all fours several times!  
I always quickly knock her down; she is not allowed to start crawling yet!

She is feeding herself puffs and she eats some baby food but her palette is quite bland.  She likes rice cereal and not much else!

She usually sleeps 11-12 hours a night, but sometimes she wakes up around 3am for a snack.  She likes to keep mommy guessing!

She is very easy going.  She loves people and doesn't mind being passed around.  
Although she loves mommy best!

Her hair is really starting to come in and is super fluffy!

Happy 7 months, Jami!
(She is so excited about growing up!)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lessons from the road

So we are two thirds of the way through our road trip.  We will arrive in New Hampshire today and then the skiing mayhem will begin!

Two days in the car with my children has taught me a few things:

1.  Emma Jane has a bladder the size of an acorn...she needs to stop and pee every 45 minutes!

2.  Jami is the easiest kid on the planet to travel with!!  Two days in the car and only minimal fussing.

3.  The novelty of getting to sit right next to the baby wore off as soon as Libby realized that meant being on bottle duty.

4.  A dvd player is not necessary.  We have been listening to audio books and not even missed the movies!  

5.  A "suite" is just a regular hotel room with a couch.

6.  One room is not enough! 
 (I actually already knew that, but now Brad nows too.)

7.  John's preferred method of entertainment is to annoy the crap out of Emma Jane.

8.  Emma Jane is easily annoyed!

9. And when annoying Emma Jane gets old, John bursts into song:

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The car is packed.

The kids are strapped.

And we are off on an adventure!
Or a suicide mission...I haven't decided which category a 1300 mile road trip with 4 small children falls under.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

New clothes

Sometimes you need new clothes for a special occasion.

And sometimes you need new clothes because mommy had to use up some fabric in order to justify buying more!
Did I just say that?  Because I never get carried away and buy 10 or 12 yards of fabric with no plans of what to do with it!


And sometimes new clothes bring out your inner Egyptian.

I created this super cute t-shirt dress for Libby using this tutorial from Make it and Love it.  It was really easy...I actually made two of them in one weekend!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Today, I am in Alabama celebrating the life of my beautiful grandmother, who went home to be with Jesus Friday morning.

Lois Jordan Etheridge
December 5, 1923 - February 15, 2013

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Homeschool Valentine Party

Today, my girls hosted a Valentine's Party for some of our homeschooling friends. 

Pinterest gave me some great, easy ideas for our party starting with the super cute FREE printable Valentine invitations from here!

I made heart sugar cookies for the kids to decorate,

which they did with gusto!  
(That is an obscene amount of sprinkles!  He is actually trying to take some of the sprinkles back off in this picture!)

In addition to cookies, we had Marshmallow Pops,

heart shaped cheese and fruit,

 and Love Potion No. 9 to drink!

(The pinterest link for this appears to be broken, but it is pink lemonade, sprite and raspberry sherbet.)

For a craft the kids made these adorable handprint Valentines.

 And what party would be complete without a goody bag full of junk, I mean treasures, from the sale rack at Michaels.

Despite the rain that kept everyone trapped in the house (and on a sugar high), the party was a huge success!

A good time was had by all.

Even Jami.  
Although she was a little disappointed that no one shared a cookie with her!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Matchy matchy

My friend, Krista, was pondering last week the fashion conundrum of clothes that match vs clothes that go.

I tend to belong to the school of thought that clothes just have to go.

For instance, last weekend I wore an outfit consisting of cognac brown skinny jeans, a black and cream striped shirt, cheetah print ballet flats and gold and aqua jewelry.

I headed out to a party with my hubby, feeling quite stylish in this non-matching ensemble. 

Unfortunately, upon arriving at the party, I discovered that while my clothes didn't match each other, they did match my best friend!

But since we both looked super cute, I have decided that this was not a fashion fas paux.

It is okay to match your friend so long as you look awesome doing it!

And for the hundredth time: No! We did not plan this!

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Valentine Dresses

My girls have inherited my love of clothes.  Libby especially believes all important events should be celebrated with a new outfit.

And since, to her, Valentine's Day is a very important event, she begged for a new Valentine dress.

So I dusted off my sewing machine and dug through my fabric box and whipped up these adorable ensembles:

Libby was a little disappointed that her dress didn't have hearts on it too but since she got the fancy leggings, she got over it.

The first thing Libby did after trying on her new dress was go outside to climb a tree.

Fun Fact: Hand sanitizer will get tree sap out of clothing!

I have a feeling these dresses will get a lot of wear from both girls and give me lots of opportunity to practice my stain fighting skills!

(For those interested, I used the Round Neck Top pattern from this etsy shop.  The leggings are from Crazy 8.)

Monday, February 11, 2013

School at home

I have a confession to make:  This homeschooling mama doesn't homeschool all of her kids!
John goes to preschool twice a week to give me a break from the chaos that is a three year old boy!

But recently, he has started asking me to have school at home, "like the guhrls."
I'm not really ready to start full on homeschool with him, but if he really wants to, I can put out some activities, tot tray style, for him to work on while the girls are having school.

So last week, I gathered some things together and set up his trays on a shelf in the schoolroom.  His teacher told me last week at our conference that John needs some help with fine motor development so that is what I focused on.  

 The box on the top shelf contains play dough.  
Then he has a letter page to watercolor, rhyming cards, lacing beads, and a cutting page on his trays.  
The bottom box has blocks for him to play with when he finished with his trays.  
(Because, you know I expected him to complete all of this in one day!  Apparently the joke is on me!) 

 John had no interest whatsoever in doing any of his school work when I showed him his shelf!

So we went outside and played with sidewalk chalk instead.  I wrote his name for him, he told me some of the letters and we called that school.

After two days of being neglected, John's tot trays got some love.  The camera..not so much!

This is John's get-that-camera-out-of-my-face-before-I-break-it face.  
He really was having fun with his play dough before Mommy interrupted.  

After play dough, he moved onto lacing beads.  (And he gave mommy's camera a few more death stares.)

Cutting was a big hit and he actually did a really good job! 

Watercolor painting and rhyming cards were met with much less enthusiasm.
But all in all, school at home with John was not the enormous disaster that I expected.

It's possible we may do this again sometime!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pink Pancakes for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday in our house.  
Usually sometime around the day after New Years, my girls start planning their Valentine's surprises.  (But since neither of them can keep a secret, by February 14th there are no real surprises!)

One of their favorite traditions for V-day is having pink pancakes for breakfast.

Super simple, but a real crowd pleaser.  If you have girls, that  is.

Just take your favorite pancake recipe.  I usually make soaked grain pancakes such as these or sometimes I use the discard from my sourdough starter to make pancakes.  But my kids prefer the soaked pancakes to the sourdough.  

But really, no need to get fancy.  Plain old Bisquick works great too if you are in a hurry or you forgot to prep your pancake batter the night before like I often do!

So, back to pink pancakes.
Once you have prepared your favorite pancake batter, just add my secret ingredient:

a whole heck of a lot of red food coloring!
(Be prepared for your kids to bounce off the walls for the rest of the day!)

Or if you are feeling health conscious you could add about 1/4 cup of strawberry puree to the batter instead of food coloring.
  (But why dirty up the blender unless you are making these?)

If you want to be especially festive, you can make your pancakes into heart shapes.  But that has never turned out well for me in the past.

We save the heart shapes for their other favorite Valentine treat:

Sugar cookies!

The method for these is similar to the pancakes.  Simply choose your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  Cut the dough out using a giant heart-shaped cookie cutter and then add icing and as many red sprinkles as you possibly can!

Be sure to smile really big for the camera with your teeth full of those red sprinkles, too!

What fun things do you do for Valentine's Day?

I'm linking up with Smockity Frocks and the 4moms today.  Head over there for more fun Valentine recipes.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My son has clearly lost his mind!
That is the only reasonable explanation for what I caught him doing in the kitchen.

I have a very strict rule about no drinking from the carton.  Even if it is almost empty!  It just grosses me out!
Although it probably didn't help enforce the rule when I said "Hey John, do it again so Mommy can take a picture!"
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

John's Baby book (giveaway)

Once upon a time, I was a serious scrapbooker.  I spent countless hours making beautiful, detailed scrapbooks for Libby and Emma Jane's first year of life.  

It has only taken me 4 years (and the pressure of another baby needing a baby book), but I have finally made headway on a baby album for John! 

But this time, instead of pulling out my giant boxes full of paper and stickers and making a huge mess of my dining room table, I am using My Memories digital scrapbooking software to create John's book.

I'm surprised that I like digital scrapbooking!  I've never really been drawn to it.  It just seemed to complicated to me.  But My Memories has been really easy to use.  And I have made some pretty cool pages with it!

A few of the things that I really like about the program are:
1. Ease of use!  On the My Memories website, there is a link for video tutorials.  I watched a few of these when I was getting started and that really helpful with getting familiar with the program features.  In just a few clicks, I was able to make pretty and interesting page layouts!

2.  Variety!  The program download includes SO much!  Literally hundreds of paper and embellishments are included.  Everything I have made so far has been done with elements that were included with the download.  I haven't had to purchase any additional paper packs or kits.  I probably will purchase some new things eventually, (there are tons more options in the online store) but so far I haven't needed to!

3. It's affordable!  The software download is only $39.97 and as I said before, it includes so much!  There is also a free trial available, if you want to test drive it first!

Now the fun part!  I have really loved using My Memories and I am all about sharing the love!
One lucky reader will win the latest version of My Memories digital scrapbooking software for FREE!!  
You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Contest is open until February 17th at midnight.

But that's not all!  My Memories is offering a special discount to all of my readers!  Use the promo code: STMMMS22748 to receive $10 off your software purchase AND a $10 coupon to spend on additional kits from the My Memories store

*This was a sponsored post.  I received the software free of charge to review.  All thoughts are my own.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

sitting pretty

Someone started sitting up!

The first time, I sat her up just to see if she could do it and lo and behold, she could!!  She was totally freaked out though.  Her eyes got huge (well, more huge than usual) and she the look she gave me said, "What the heck just happened here?!"  And then she tipped over backwards which made her cry.

She wasn't real keen on sitting after the head bonk, but after a little practice she seems to have mastered simultaneous sitting and playing. 
 (Thank you Nana, for the fun ribbon pillow!)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Bathtub Candy

Not too long ago, my sweet brother sent me a package with some fancy-schmancy bath soaps that he picked up in New Orleans.

Now I have a confession:  Sometimes, I don't always immediately put things away.  There, I said it!

So later that same day, I was in the nursery feeding Jami and Libby walked in. She sat down and said very nonchalantly, "so mommy, what was in that box (that you left on the counter) from Uncle Philip?"

"It was some fancy bath soap."

Libby's face fell and she then said rather sheepishly: "Oh. No wonder it tasted so bad."

"LIBBY!  Did you eat it?!?!"

"We-ell!  It looked like candy and it smelled good!  So I had a lick."

And really, I can't blame of them is on a stick for goodness sakes!

But I can laugh at her.
And I did!