Wednesday, January 30, 2013


John is going through this really fun stage right now.  He seems to think that he should sleep in mommy's bed every night.  Libby and Emma Jane both went through this stage too.  I can't remember what finally made them start sleeping in their own beds all night, but I am really hoping that John gets there soon.  Because most nights he comes running down the hall and climbs into my bed sometime between midnight and 2am. 

And he is not at all stealthy. Him climbing into my bed usually involves him stepping on my face!
Good times!

So the other night, John was put to bed in his own room at 7:00, as usual and as usual, he was out cold with in two minutes.

Around 9:00, I was in the kitchen doing dishes when I noticed his bedroom door was open.  I walked over to check on him and found this:

An empty bed!

I immediately walked down the hall to my bedroom and found him passed out on my bed.  He couldn't even make it under the covers!

I don't know how he made it from one end of the house to the other without being seen by me or Brad. He must have been drawn by that magnetic force that pulls him out of a deep sleep and down the hall every night!  Maybe the magnetism makes him invisible too.

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Robyn Booth said...

So you have to admit that they come by it honestly...i.e., spending the night at Joni's in high school ;)