Friday, February 1, 2013

Bathtub Candy

Not too long ago, my sweet brother sent me a package with some fancy-schmancy bath soaps that he picked up in New Orleans.

Now I have a confession:  Sometimes, I don't always immediately put things away.  There, I said it!

So later that same day, I was in the nursery feeding Jami and Libby walked in. She sat down and said very nonchalantly, "so mommy, what was in that box (that you left on the counter) from Uncle Philip?"

"It was some fancy bath soap."

Libby's face fell and she then said rather sheepishly: "Oh. No wonder it tasted so bad."

"LIBBY!  Did you eat it?!?!"

"We-ell!  It looked like candy and it smelled good!  So I had a lick."

And really, I can't blame of them is on a stick for goodness sakes!

But I can laugh at her.
And I did!

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Emily said...

Ok, you weren't kidding when you said you started blogging again! And even though I heard this story once already, it totally cracked me up again!!