Monday, January 30, 2012

Big Boy, Big Bed, and a BIG pregnancy brain moment

John recently made the transition out of the crib, thanks to one of our babysitters. 

For the longest time (at least a year), there has been a full sized bed in John's room along with his crib.  There wasn't really room for both beds, but we didn't have any where else to put it and I hated to get rid of it since John would eventually need a big bed anyways.

So anyways, on dates when Brad and I are out late, this babysitter had a habit of just falling asleep in the extra bed in John's room until we got home.  On this particular night, I went to go wake her up and found that John was also sound asleep in the big bed.  So I left him there and the next night he wanted to sleep in the big bed again. 

And we pretty much never looked back.  Easiest transition to a regular bed ever!

Well, after I found out I was pregnant and it became clear that we were not getting rid of the crib any time soon, we decided that 3-4 more years of  hitting our shins on the end of that stupid bed a cramped bedroom was just not going to work.

So we bought John a bunk bed.  We figured if baby #4 is a boy they will share a room anyways, and if not, well boys just like bunk beds.

Now, if you have ever purchased large furniture items, you know that you go to the store, pick out what you want, pay for it and then go home and wait for it to be delivered.  Over the years, Brad and I have bought lots of furniture so I was familiar with this process.  There were about 10 days between purchasing the bed and our scheduled delivery date.

Plenty of time for someone to, I don't know, buy twin sized sheets for the new bed?

That probably would have been smart.

But, never fear.  In the absence of forethought, you can always just do what I did: you take the sheet off of the full bed and just wrap in around the twin mattress.

And then leave it there for another week and a half before you actually go buy the poor boy some sheets that fit!
(Totally blaming this on baby#4!)

Here is my big boy after his first night in his bunk bed:

I tried to sneak a picture of him still sleeping, but he woke up as soon as I opened the door.

He was really upset about the sheets!
(Or the unannounced photo session.  Either one.)

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