Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When NOT to talk on the phone

There are lots of obvious, inappropriate times to be chatting it up on the telephone.

For instance, at the movies or during a wedding. Clearly, one should not talk on the phone at these times.

While doing the dishes or giving a small child a bath are two more good examples of when not to use the phone. Can I get an "Amen" from anyone who has ever dropped a phone into warm, sudsy water?

This next one is a little less obvious, but I personally believe that the check out line at the grocery store should also be avoided as a talk time venue. Because the checker, bagger and any other surrounding shoppers just really don't care to listen to your conversation. Save that phone call for the car! (If my husband happens to be reading this, I of course mean everyone else should save their phone calls for the car. I certainly never use my cell phone while driving. Ahem-hem.)

And of course, one should never ever attempt to talk on the phone while simultaneously purchasing airfare online!

Because one might just click "confirm and purchase" and then realize that she booked her family's return flight for a month later than desired.

And then one might find that she has to spend the next hour and a half to correct a ten-second mistake.

And after one has spent said hour calling the airline, canceling the flight, receiving a travel voucher to use to repurchase a flight online (since of course one can't get the cheapo web only fare over the phone), calling the airline back because the website won't accept more than four types of payments (and since the website also automatically split the voucher money even between the four purchased tickets) it wouldn't allow one to use her credit card to pay the $30 per ticket difference changing one's flight incurred, getting back online and making two separate reservations in order to "beat the system" and typing in every one's name and birthday every.single.time one does this!

After all that, one might sit back and think it would have just been easier to spend an extra month at one's sister's house.

So in conclusion, next time hang up the phone, complete the task at hand and then call your sister back for a nice long chat. You'll be glad you did!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Today is my seventh wedding anniversary.

A lot has changed in 7 years: jobs, addresses, hair colors, etc...

But some things are the same.

Like the quirky way my husband eats.

He starts at the back of his plate and works torwards himself, while keeping the ratio of meat to veggies equal throughout the meal.

I picked up on that quirk on our first date.

We went to an italian restaurant and about half way through dinner, I noticed that all of his pasta was on the front half of his plate and the back side was empty. Whereas my pasta was spread out on my whole plate, there was just less of it than when I started.

I thought that was so funny then. And it cracks me up even more now. Because now I know him so much better and I know that this eating habit just fits with his methodical, well thought out, Type A personality. Just like the gone-in-60-seconds way that I shovel it in eat fits with my personality.

Who knew you could tell so much about a person just by looking at their plate?

Anyways, back to my story...

So I noticed Brad was a really neat, really s-l-o-w eater, but I decided that he was also really hot so I went out with him again. And then we got married. And then seven years went by.

So then the other night we go to the movies, and Brad orders a large popcorn. (He got suckered in by the "it's only a dollar more and you get free refills" gimic, as if we could ever even finish one large bucket of popcorn!)

As the movie was starting, I reached over for some popcorn and noticed that the back of the bucket was emptier than the front. I whispered, "Honey, you are doing that funny thing where you eat back to front with the popcorn." Brad, who doesn't realize that he does this until I point it out, just laughed. And I laughed. And I remembered that first date and how I didn't want it to end. And I fell in love with him just a little bit more all over again.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tongue twister

John thinks it is hysterical when I roll my tongue at him.

I think it is pretty stinkin' cute when he copies me!

(Although his tongue rolling isn't quite as cute as Emma Jane's attempts. Because bless her heart, she's just sticking out her tongue!)

Monday, January 17, 2011

She has a need for speed

One of Emma Jane's current favorite activities is to whip around the driveway at lightening speed on the deathtrap on wheels razor scooter.
side note: Emma Jane begged for weeks for "Santa" to bring her a new bike for Christmas, even though Libby's old bike is just her size. And "Santa", being a big softy, got her the bike and now she won't freaking ride it! Turns out pedaling is hard work and my little speed demon likes to go fast!
Anyone need a 12" princess bike? We have two!
Anyways, she loves whipping around the driveway at dangerous speeds and oblivious to anyone or any car that might be in her path. Her knees have permanent scabs on them and her brother (who is often the one in the line of fire) has a few bruises too.
But Emma Jane doesn't let that get her down. She just cries hysterically for a few minutes and then gets right back on that scooter and says, "Hey mom, take a picture of me with my leg up!"

Friday, January 14, 2011

He, not she

If one more kindly, well-meaning stranger tells me what a pretty little girl my son is, I might just lose it.
Yes, I realize that he has long curly hair and his older sister's face. Libby often cracks herself up by saying that her baby pictures look like John wearing a dress. And I admit that if he were wearing a dress, he would arguably look like a little girl.
But I never do dress him up in dresses. I dress him in very manly brown and green and blue clothes with footballs or trucks or puppy dogs on them! Clearly not the clothing of a little girl!
So seriously, people, throw me a bone! Tell me how ruggedly handsome and masculine my obviously male child is! Because if one more of my husband's flag football friends says "Dude, I didn't know you had three little girls. I thought your youngest was a boy" he is going to make me cut all of these beautiful baby curls off!
And then I will have to cry.
And you will have to live with the guilt of turning my baby into a grown-up little boy.
Can you live with that?!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like father, like daughter

My husband is a great father.
Our kids just adore him and often copy him.
I love that they do this! For one thing it is just really cute and for another Brad has some wonderful qualities that I hope our children will emulate as they get older.
I just don't think his fashion sense is one of them...! ;)

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A very merry un-snow day

While the rest of the Southeast United States has been having one snow day after another, we have been having lots of un-snow days. That is sort of like an un-birthday, but with snow.
Speaking of un-birthdays, last weekend Brad and I went with some friends to see Wonderland. It was so amazing and included a choreographic shout-out to every boy band from the last two decades all rolled into one song. I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard!
Which would have been a real shame if I had, because in celebration of the un-snow day (or just because we felt like it, whatever) we got dressed up un-prom style for our night at the theatre!
Don't we look smashing?
Most other theatre-goers were dressed in jeans...very uncool!
(And with that I am done with the un-puns.)
Wonderland opens on Broadway in March and I really want Brad to take me to New York to see it again. Sadly, the "cuz I really want to" argument has thus far failed to convince my husband.
Off with his head!

Saturday, January 1, 2011