Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving and the Iron Bowl

So I blinked.
And apparently Thanksgiving occurred during that split second.
I am pretty sure Thanksgiving was fun, but it went by in such a pictureless blur!  There was definitely turkey.  And my brother and his cute girlfriend were there.  Sadly, my sister was not.  But other cousins came too and even brought their dog for Emma Jane to play with! (Seriously, this story would be so much better with pictures!  Why don't we just skip to the part that I do have pictures of.)

So normally by this time, I have completely my Christmas shopping and most of my gift wrapping.

This year, I haven't even started yet.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't panicking just a little bit.

There just seemed to be so much more time until Christmas pre-Thanksgiving!
But I spent most of that time making really cute Iron Bowl gameday outfits for my favorite little football fans!
(I even made the ugly orange and blue ones!)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was the Iron Bowl, the epic annual showdown between football's biggest rivals, Alabama and Auburn!  (I should totally be one of those female sports announcers.) 

We took the kids tailgating on campus before the game.  After that experience, I think John is officially a die-hard football fan!
He is a die-hard tailgate fan, anyways!  As we were leaving, John said to me, "I go tailgating moo-uh (more)."  I told him we would definitely try to come to another game next year.  He said, "I go tailgating dis yee-uh (year)."  Then he pointed to a random tent and said, "How bout dat one?"  Maybe next year we will try gate-crashing.

Emma Jane preferred the cheerleading aspect of the game.  She was given a small plastic megaphone from some kind stranger, and she spent most of her time yelling "Roll Tide" into it at the top of her lungs. 

And Libby, my little tenderhearted pacifist,  learned a life lesson in smack-talk from her good friend, Jack.  It is important to have thick skin when it comes to football and rivalries.  (And Jack learned the hard way that telling a girl her dress is stinky is not going to earn any brownie points!)

But ultimately, Libby and her stinky dress earned this year's bragging rights!


So, in the (slightly rearranged) words of the previously mentioned smack-talker:

Alabama Rules,
Auburn Drools!

Until next year!

Roll Tide!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

That's not lip smackers, honey

You know those moments when your kid does something that just makes you so proud and you think to yourself, "Wow! I am really doing this parenting thing right!"

Yeah, this is not one of those moments.

Yesterday morning, Emma Jane came running up to me and said, "Mommy, look at my lips!"
Her lips looked totally normal so I said, "What's going on with your lips, honey?"
Emma Jane:  "I'm wearing some of your makeup!"
Me:  "Oh.  You look beautiful.  Mommy is going to finish her coffee now." 
And then I probably patted her on the head and sent her on her merry way so that I could enjoy my crack fix coffee in peace.

One cup of coffee later, I went to my room to get dressed and Emma Jane followed me, bouncing all the way.  She ran right over to my bed and picked up a small, black tube off of the floor.  She held it out to me and said, "See here is the make up I used!"

I know what you are thinking:  "Oh no, she didn't!"
I was thinking it too.
But, oh yes.  She did!

I took the "makeup" from her, gave her another pat on the head and said, "Yeah, don't play in Mommy's makeup anymore.  It spreads germs."

My hope is that by the time Emma Jane is old enough to know what that stuff is, that she will have forgotten that she once used it as lip gloss.

I'm hoping that I forget too.
(Is it wrong that I didn't want to kiss her all day yesterday?)

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