Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sermon Notes of a six-year-old

Tonight at church, Libby grabbed a piece of paper and started "taking notes."  Seeing as she is 6, her method of note taking was to simply write down random words and phrases she heard the pastor say.  At the end of the service, her paper said:

Pastor Kens sister
like a bodl (bottle)
isent (isn't) that werd (weird)

I seriously almost wet myself trying not to laugh!  

Thankfully I managed not to pee my pants (which is harder than you might think after giving birth three times!) and just gave her a kiss and told her I was so proud of her for paying such close attention.

I just love that kid!


Danielle said...

That is terrific! Mine were too engrossed in when the blood and body would be coming around to write such great notes:)

Emmy said...

Lol! Just make sure her nots don't get out around the congregation. :)