Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apples, from tree to table

Just a week ago, my kids were frolicking in this beautiful orchard,

picking fresh,

 picture-perfect apples! 

 Since Emma Jane is learning letter A this week, so we just had to continue the apple fun by making applesauce!

The girls did the peeling themselves.

   And they managed only one small injury!

 Emma Jane helped me man the stove as the apples cooked.  She only almost grabbed the hot pan once!  (Teaching them to cook is going to take years off my life!)

 John didn't help with the preparation, but he was all over the finished product!

Poor Ryan was really bummed when he heard how good it was.  
He hates to miss out on something tasty! :)


Kmama said...

Mmm. Homemade applesauce is so yummy!!

Emily said...

Melody looked at this with me and said, "Hey! Why do Libby and Emma Jane get to do fun stuff and not us!" WHEN I live next door, I'm totally letting you homeschool Melody. ;)