Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday is coming

For the last several days, I have really enjoyed reading other people's thoughts and reflections about Easter and Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

When I woke up this morning, I was struck with the thought that today is Saturday. Now I realize that this is not breaking news on any level. But if you will bear with me for moment, I will try to explain why this hit me so profoundly this morning.

I have been going to church my whole life and while my depth of understanding about what Jesus did by dying on the cross and rising again on the third day has increased over the years, I have always known that Resurrection Sunday follows Crucifixion Friday. I have never really given any thought to the Saturday that falls between the cross and the empty tomb.

But this morning, I was thinking about how Peter and John and Mary and the others must have felt on Saturday. After the terror of witnessing their good friend (and the man they expected to be the Savior of their people) being executed like a criminal, Saturday must have been a very dark day indeed. They didn't know then that Sunday was coming and I can only imagine (and probably not very well) the fear and sorrow and confusion they must have felt on Saturday.

And it made me grateful for the knowledge of Sunday. And as I was thanking God for His provision, I was reminded that God's provision is NOT dependent on my knowledge. I realize again that this is not groundbreaking news, but it was profound for me this morning.

The 1st century believers, did not know that Sunday was coming, but God did! He always had a plan and He was fully in control then just as He is now. Even when hope seems lost and darkness and fear abound, GOD is still on His throne and we can rest in the knowledge that He knows exactly when Sunday is coming.

So today, on Saturday, in anticipation of Sunday, I am thanking God for His grace, mercy and love and for providing me with HOPE!

Sunday is coming, my friends!


Kelli said...

How grateful we are to know that Sunday is coming. Very well said...I have never thought about Saturday before and the feelings that must have been going on. Thank you.

heidi said...

That was beautiful, Lauren. Thank you for sharing it!

Rachel @ Moments With My Miracles said...

I totally agree and had some similar thoughts on Saturday. So thankful we are on this side of the cross!