Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breakfast with my boy

Not only does John no longer look like a girl baby, he no longer acts like a baby either.

He has decided almost simultaneously that he no longer needs a sippy cup, a booster seat, or help...with anything.

Instead he is a practically grown-up almost two-year-old

that is quite capable of scaring his mother to death climbing onto the barstools unassisted,

and prefers his cereal in bowl, rather than a snack-trap (with milk, mind you!)

He is an old pro with the spoon skills.

And he is careful not to spill even one cheerio!

But even with all of this new found maturity, he does still like to just dive in with his hands every once in a while...

I mean, he is still a boy!


Bren said...

Darn - I know there are supposed to be pictures I can see - but I can't see them!!!

heidi said...

He still has that baby face though, so you're safe for awhile. :-)

Emily said...

I just want to kiss those sweet cheeks! He still looks like a baby to me...of course, Charlie the Giant is all I have to compare him too. :)