Monday, March 28, 2011

4, and a few weeks

So I am officially the worst mother in the world!

Not only did I fail to blog about Emma Jane's birthday, I but I just flat out forgot about it!

I don't mean I forgot her birthday. As if she would have let me do that! I just momentarily forgot that I even have a blog and that her birthday might make a good post. Clearly I am losing my mind!

And even worse, I don't have any pictures of the event to share with you now. Because instead of a party, we just went to Disney World as a family. And since that is something we do pretty often, I don't even bother taking my camera with me anymore.

I mean, how many how many pictures of Cinderella do we really need?

So, here we are three weeks late, wishing Emma Jane a happy 4th birthday with the most recent picture I have.

Isn't it just fitting that she is giving me that slightly pitying, you've-lost-you-mind-but-I-am-going-to-pretend-I-didn't-notice look as I snapped her picture?

Sweetheart, please forgive me for contributing to your middle child syndrome.

Happy 4th (plus some) Birthday!

I love you to pieces!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hacked (aka John's Loon Story)

John didn't get to go skiing, but he did love the snow.

He pretty much loves anything that he is allowed, even encouraged, to throw at his sisters!

Unfortunately for John, that is where the fun ended.

The camel's back finally broke on the plane ride to New Hampshire when some well-meaning gentleman complimented Brad on his beautiful little girl.

Daddy demanded a haircut!

And my sis, who has been wanting to cut John's hair for a year now, was all too happy to oblige Brad in this area.

And luckily, Catie is pretty talented with a pair of shears. Because John was determined to stop her from hacking off his beautiful baby curls!

He almost succeeded! It actually took two days to complete the haircut. He became so hysterical during the initial attempt, one would have thought we were scalping him we decided to give him a break to sleep on it.

Three lollipops were clearly not enough to make this experience bearable.

But after a good night's sleep, he seemed to have forgotten the previous night's torture forgiven Aunt Catie and allowed her to finish giving him his haircut.

He looks so handsome and grown up now!

And it only took mommy three days, to stop being startled by the sight of him!