Monday, January 17, 2011

She has a need for speed

One of Emma Jane's current favorite activities is to whip around the driveway at lightening speed on the deathtrap on wheels razor scooter.
side note: Emma Jane begged for weeks for "Santa" to bring her a new bike for Christmas, even though Libby's old bike is just her size. And "Santa", being a big softy, got her the bike and now she won't freaking ride it! Turns out pedaling is hard work and my little speed demon likes to go fast!
Anyone need a 12" princess bike? We have two!
Anyways, she loves whipping around the driveway at dangerous speeds and oblivious to anyone or any car that might be in her path. Her knees have permanent scabs on them and her brother (who is often the one in the line of fire) has a few bruises too.
But Emma Jane doesn't let that get her down. She just cries hysterically for a few minutes and then gets right back on that scooter and says, "Hey mom, take a picture of me with my leg up!"


Dee said...

LOL! She's adorable! Evan is always wanting me to "see his tricks" on his scooter.

Angie said...

She is so cute and does look like a showoff...haha!

Layla is learing to ride her bike w/out training wheels. Oh my the drama. She is a mess, hopefully she will get it soon.

blueviolet said...

Love her never say die attitude!

Emmy said...

Lol! Love the cry hysterically then get back on again, so something that would happen in our house. That pic is awesome

imbeingheldhostage said...

That's awesome. Sell the bike off and put the money towards some good insurance for your budding Evil Kenevil ;-)

(oh, and we have a Christmas bike that's just sitting too... seems the video games are more fun)