Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Libby's New Glasses

My baby girl is looking very grown up these days. She just got her first pair of glasses and I think she is looking pretty adorable! And older!
Everyone has a different opinion about the glasses. As you can see from the picture, Libby is not really loving them. She wouldn't even crack a smile for me. She seemed happy enough when we were picking them out, (my girl does love shopping!) but when she got them home she complained that they hurt her eyes and itched her nose and then she got down to the heart of the issue and asked me why no one else in our family has to wear glasses. I felt so sad for her and I tried to make her feel less self conscious. But my explanation about my contacts did not really make her feel better.
Emma Jane responded with typical little sister jealousy. She tried to convince that she also cannot see and then started whining about how she really needed glasses too!
To Libby's face, Brad was super excited for her and told her how beautiful she looks in her new glasses.
To her face...
In private, his response went something like this:
Brad-"She needs glasses. My beautiful baby girl needs glasses! But she is so beautiful!"
Me-"She is still beautiful, honey."
Brad- "But the glasses are covering up her face! Let's just be honest, little kids in glasses are just funny looking."
Me-"You were the mean kid in elementary school, weren't you?"
Brad-"Whatever. I feel the need to blame someone. My vision is perfect so I am going to blame you."
Me- *eye roll*
Brad- "No, really. First you give my children your deformed, go-go Gadget toes and now you are passing on your bum eyes!"
Me- "Yep, babe. You really married a genetic lemon."
He didn't really think that was as funny I did!
And I don't blame him for his reaction, because honestly, I was a little disappointed when the doctor said she needed glasses. Even though I was expecting it. And even though I know that this is the best thing for her right now.
Once Libby realizes how much better she can see with the glasses, I think she will start to like them more. And I think her dad will like them more when he sees how much they help her.
And I think Emma Jane will keep squinting up her eyes and pretending like she can't see where she is going...for at least a few more days!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where's John?

There he is!!

Where's John?

Really, Mom? I was kind of done with peek-a-boo...Just sayin'.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Perhaps we misjudged the wicked Queen

We recently took a trip to Epcot.
While there, the girls friended a few more princesses.
While waiting in line to see Snow White, Libby chattered nonstop as usual told me all of the important things she wanted to tell Snow White, such as "Snow White is my favorite princess movie. It doesn't even scare me!" and "The next princess Polly Pocket I am going to get is Belle. Then Snow White. Because I already have Cinderella and Aurora."
When it was finally our turn, Snow White greeted Libby and Emma Jane and spent several minutes talking with them.

Then she posed for a picture with them.
As we were walking away, Libby said, "Mommy, I didn't tell her any of the things I was going to tell her...She just never would stop talking!"
That got me thinking. Perhaps it wasn't vanity and jealousy that drove the wicked Queen to try and kill Snow White...
Maybe she just wanted Snow White to shut up!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

some ants are just ants

I love talking to Libby.
And she loves to talk.
To anyone. About anything.
Each conversation with her is an adventure because you just never know what is going to come out of her mouth!
Recently after church, (the timing of this particular conversation still confuses me a bit) Libby said to me, "You know Mommy, all of my boyfriends think all ants are fire ants. But they aren't all fire ants. Right?"
I had gotten lost after the "all my boyfriends" part so I had to reply, "What was that?"
Libby repeated herself (verbatim): "You know, Mommy. All my boyfriends just think all ants are fire ants. But they aren't all fire ants."
Me (still hung up): "So who are all your boyfriends, dear?"
Libby (slightly nonplussed by this turn in the discussion): "Um Nicholas, and Aaron, and Jack Powell." (Yes, she called him by his full name!) "Do you remember that time Jack Powell was at our house and there were some ants in the driveway. Jack called those fire ants, but they weren't. They were just regular ants."
Content that she had steered the conversation back in the right direction, Libby sat back and buckled herself in so that we cold finally leave the parking lot.
I was left to ponder the day that my daughter calls some boy her boyfriend and means it...I am so not ready for that day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweet Siblings

I wish they were always this sweet!