Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow Day

A trip to visit grandparents is always a treat.
I mean, who doesn't love continuous spoiling!
Our first morning in Nashville also provided an extra, unexpected, treat:

John had never seen snow before and was instantly curious about it. He ran over to the grass and gave it a big stomp!

And then he got upset about the white stuff clinging to (and probably seeping through) is "whoo."

Brad convinced John to give the snow another chance by forming it into John's favorite toy.

I still don't think he is sold!

Emma Jane had also never really experienced snow. The last time we saw snow she was John's age and suffering from the Black Death, so she (and mommy, not that I'm bitter) didn't get to enjoy it.

Not that she would have anyways, apparently. EJ is a true beach baby and really didn't like the cold snow.

(Btw, you can't see it, but in her pocket are two radishes that were supposed to be the eyes on her snowman that didn't happen. Thankfully she gave them back to me later that day instead of forgetting about them and letting me find rotten radishes in her coat next year!)

Libby, on the other hand, LOVED the snow! She didn't care that it was cold and wet and that she was under dressed! She didn't care that the snow was too powdery to make a snowman or for snowballs. She was just excited to have a chance to throw snow at mommy. So was Daddy...notice the fingers at the side of the picture.
So that was are snow day. Er, snow hour! It had all melted by 10am. But we enjoyed it while it lasted...well, one of them did anyways!

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Emily said...

It's really fitting that Libby loves snow since she dislikes sand so much! :)