Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Cuties in the Tub

We don't usually all bath together.

For one thing, the bathtub is really small and all my kiddos like to "swim."

But hey, I was in a hurry and after the sand fight they engaged in in the backyard, all three children desperately needed cleansing!

But thank goodness I got such cute photographic evidence, because it will never happen again!

Between the splashing water all over my floor and Emma Jane not being able to keep her innocently incestous hands off of John's boy business, I think it is worth the extra 30 minutes to do separate baths!
Say "Teeeese!"


Angie said...

Bath night gets really wild at our house too :) My bathroom gets mopped every night b/c for some reason water gets EVERYwhere!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

awwww, I miss family bath :-( I couldn't pay my 10 year-old to get in with the 7 & 4 year-old now.

I love the "Teeeese!" face!!

Hah! My word veri is "dertwad". Dirt wad? You trying to tell me something?

Emmy said...

Yes I sometimes bathe my kids together and always wonder why I do. The pictures are cute

heidi said...

I must not have been here in forever because your kids have changed SO MUCH. I thought John was EJ for a minute and that ya'll had a friend over!! LOL I love Libby's new earrings and the glasses are MEGA cute! EJs hair has gotten so long and that little grin of John make me heart swoon!

Bath time here is ridiculous. Last time I made the boys clean the floor themselves with towels and then? I didn't have to mop. HA!