Thursday, September 9, 2010

apple picking

We spent Labor Day weekend visiting my sister in New Hampshire.

And while we were there, we enjoying one of our favorite New England pastimes...

Apple Picking!

Emma Jane worked really hard picking every apple she could reach.

She was very proud of how many apples were in her basket. She only stopped picking because the basket was getting too heavy for her to carry!

Ryan also worked very hard to fill a basket.

Ryan and Emma Jane spent a lot of time comparing their apples and had to respectfully disagree as to who picked the most.

Libby was less competitive about her apples.

In fact, she only picked two apples.

One for now, one for later!

John was fascinated by the snack trees.

And like his biggest sister, he didn't waste any time before chowing down!

(After freaking out just a little bit about my baby eating unwashed fruit, my sis pointed out that they were organic apples and so while not necessarily clean, at least they were pesticide free!)

What could be better than an apple straight from the tree?

According to these four, a fresh apple cider donut from the general store!
And since I don't have any pictures of her picking any apples, here is an extra shot of Morgan enjoying her donut.