Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My little Frodo

When it came to naming each of our children, my husband was allowed little to no input.

It's not that I didn't want input. It's that he was completely incapable of being serious during any of the baby name discussions.

Most of his name suggestions came from The Lord of the Rings. With choices like Galadriel and Bilbo, I'm sure you can understand why I didn't take him seriously.

But as I have gotten to know my son, I am starting to think that perhaps Samwise Gamgee was not such an off the wall suggestion. I am pretty sure that John might be a hobbit. He doesn't have unusually hairy feet, nor is he abnormally (or even normally) short. But his eating habits are definitely becoming more and more hobbit-ish by the day.

Here is his normal food schedule:

Wake up. Immediately have breakfast.

An hour later, have second breakfast.

An hour and a half after that, it is time for elevensies, which is then quickly followed by lunch.

By 12 o'clock, it is completely normal for him to have eaten 4 times! And I don't mean a cracker here or a few grapes there. I mean two waffles, followed by a whole banana and a carton of yogurt. And that is just first breakfast!

The other day, I put him in his high chair for dinner at 5:45. At 6:30, he was still eating!

I don't know where he puts it.


The kid barely weighs 21 lbs.

Where is the food going!?

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Bren said...

He is storing up his food for later - you know - when he is off fighting the Orks with Galdalph! (yeah I probably spelled those wrong but you get the point!)

Kmama said...

Aww, love that picture!

Buster eats like that. And actually, Buddy has been eating like that lately and he's almost 6 years old and only 35 lbs (5th percentile!). The other day, he ate constantly from the time he got up until dinner. One thing after another. I was about to just throw all our food on the floor and let him go at it because I was tired of getting him things.

Anonymous said...

LOL. What a cute picture.

My youngest went from refusing all solids to, a week before her first birthday, eating 3 meals a day plus a snack....plus whatever she could steal from us. Little pig.

blueviolet said...

He must be on the move constantly!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

He must be moving all the time. My son loves to eat, but I stays with him.

Emmy said...

Hopefully he will hit the sleepy phase of growing next, I love that phase.

Krystyn said...

My kids ask for a snack right after breakfast....it's crazy! I bet it slows down soon for him. That on the go, no time to eat phase is coming soon.

And, I'm so with you on the naming thing. Matt liked to say silly names like Salsa and Ketchup!

Emily said...

ha. All my kids are hobits. And will probably be abnormally short.

Anonymous said...


heidi said...

That's Brennan, too! I just love that little nekky pic of him in the pool. SO big. LOL

imbeingheldhostage said...

See what happens when you go missing on your blog? I get to read back posts that I missed during my absence (you didn't notice I was gone?). This was hilarious! My hubby didn't get to pick names either-- between LOTR and Star Wars my kids wouldn't have stood a chance!