Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I turn 25 27 30 today.

The phrase whoopty-freaking-doo-dah keeps coming to mind.

I am really trying to have a good attitude about it.

Luckily, my fabulous, sweet husband has made having a good attitude a little easier for me. Friday he scheduled a babysitter and took me out on a date to celebrate. He didn't tell me where we were going...only that I needed to dress up.

I was so excited about our mystery date and I spent most of the days leading up to it trying to guess where he was taking me. Which I never did.

He took me to Maggiano's Little Italy. And I will be honest, at first I was a little bummed that we would not be able to eat "family style" with just the two us.
But I was just so glad to be out with my husband, I kept my ungracious thoughts to myself.
Which was a good thing since the host led us past the main dining room into a private room where five of my best girls and their husbands were waiting to shout "SURPRISE!"

I am sure that I must have looked slightly dumbfounded for a moment, because I really had no idea that Brad had planned a party for me until that moment. Although it did explain why no one had called me all day long!

We had so much fun laughing and talking (and laughing some more) and eating way too much good food! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and an even more wonderful husband!

Maybe 30 won't be so bad.


Edited to add: So far, 30 has rocked!! This morning, my girls surprised me with a special birthday card they had made (with a little help from Daddy) and then Brad totally surprised me with a new camera!! I am so excited about playing with it! Be prepared for picture overload on this blog in the near future!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Infinity...and not much farther

On Monday, I gave you a partial peek at our trip to Disney.

But of course, there was more to the day than just princesses. (Although my daughters only seem to remember the princesses!)

Libby and Jack rode Space Mountain for the first time.

Melody got her very own tiara.

And Emma Jane got dissed by Buzz Lightyear.

No lie.

After waiting in line through two superhero bathroom breaks,

the kids finally got to meet Buzz. Emma Jane was so excited about being about being able to say "to infinity and beyond" to the real Buzz Lightyear. Unfortunately her dream never became a reality...because when it was her turn to give him five, he pulled the "too slow" move on her.

And she, in a nap-deprivation induced fit of hysterics, ran away crying and refused to go back and have her picture taken with him.

Buzz still managed a fake smile for the camera, but it was obvious he felt really bad about traumatizing a three-year-old.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

My Dream Job

I have always wanted to be a real princess.

After spending just a few moments with these royal ladies,

I think my daughters' professional ambitions are sealed as well!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who said this was fun?

We thought it might be fun to introduce John to the slide. I mean, what kid doesn't love the slide!

Um, my kid, apparently.

After desperately trying to make an escape, my husband just pushed him down the slide gently guided him to safety.


At least I have two normal children daredevils to slide with!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My little Frodo

When it came to naming each of our children, my husband was allowed little to no input.

It's not that I didn't want input. It's that he was completely incapable of being serious during any of the baby name discussions.

Most of his name suggestions came from The Lord of the Rings. With choices like Galadriel and Bilbo, I'm sure you can understand why I didn't take him seriously.

But as I have gotten to know my son, I am starting to think that perhaps Samwise Gamgee was not such an off the wall suggestion. I am pretty sure that John might be a hobbit. He doesn't have unusually hairy feet, nor is he abnormally (or even normally) short. But his eating habits are definitely becoming more and more hobbit-ish by the day.

Here is his normal food schedule:

Wake up. Immediately have breakfast.

An hour later, have second breakfast.

An hour and a half after that, it is time for elevensies, which is then quickly followed by lunch.

By 12 o'clock, it is completely normal for him to have eaten 4 times! And I don't mean a cracker here or a few grapes there. I mean two waffles, followed by a whole banana and a carton of yogurt. And that is just first breakfast!

The other day, I put him in his high chair for dinner at 5:45. At 6:30, he was still eating!

I don't know where he puts it.


The kid barely weighs 21 lbs.

Where is the food going!?

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

PSF and John's First Haircut

John's hair has been getting a little unruly lately.

I have resisted getting his haircut because he is my first baby to have curls over his ears.

But the out of control hair in his eyes finally won and I took him to get a trim.
He thought the haircut was pretty fun.
And he was thrilled to be able to see again!
He is so handsome!
Please excuse the picture quality. I took them with my phone camera.

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