Monday, May 24, 2010

What Exactly is it about Me?

I think I have mentioned before that Brad and I had sort of a whirlwind courtship. We had only known each other for a year when we got married, and looking back from my current vantage point I can clearly see that we really didn't know each other at all when we tied the knot!

Like any newlyweds, we had expectations. Most of them unrealistic. And many of them dashed rather quickly.

I still vividly remember the day that Brad came to me, pants in hand, and said, "Hey babe, this button popped off...Will you sew it back on for me?"

I replied, "Sure. I am going to the dry cleaners today anyways. Just put them on top of the pile."

Brad looked at me as if I had sprouted horns and said, "Um...they aren't dirty."

Me: "I know. Dry cleaners can do minor alterations. They will sew the button back on."

Brad: "I want you to sew it back on. Come on, I want to wear these pants today!"

At this point in the conversation, I am returning Brad's "you just sprouted horns" look.

I took a deep breath and said the words have since become a standing joke between us: "Honey. (pause for another deep breath.) Based on our relationship thus far, what exactly is it about me that has given you the impression that I have any idea how to do that?"

And then he said it.

The biggest, most cliche misconception that men can possibly have.

And he was dead serious:

"Well. You're a girl!"

I just rolled my eyes and walked out of the room.

So you can imagine my husband's surprise when I said to him the other morning, "Look what I made for the kids last night."

And then showed him this.

"You made donuts?"

Me: "Yeah. I found this really easy tutorial for making felt donuts online, so I thought I would give it a shot!" FYI, I am feeling very proud of myself!

Brad: "You...made these? As in, you sewed them!?" He clearly has not forgotten the button incident!

Me: "Yes! I sewed!!"

Brad: "With a needle?!"

Maybe in another six years we will be able to have this conversation without me walking out of them room!

I found the donut tutorial at Confessions of a Homeschooler. This is one of my new favorite blogs!! You must check her out! She has tons of great homeschooling ideas and some really good real food recipes in addition to the felt ones! I made her stuffed pasta shells tonight and even Libby ate it up!

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Kelli said...

That sounds like a conversation that would happen at our house. I don't know how to sew or how to sew a button either. Maybe it's time I pulled out my sewing machine.

Krystyn said...

Super cute donuts!

I can do buttons and ripped seams and that's about it...I think your hubby thinks he lives in the 50s!

Danielle said...

Those are so cute, way to go Lauren:)

Kmama said...

LOL! I can't sew at all. Thankfully, Jdaddy knew that going into the relationship. LOL

Those donuts are super cute. Way to go!!

Cyndi said...

Yay! i love them!!

blueviolet said...

Those doughnuts are sooooo cute!!! I would be trying to make them too if I had someone to play with them!

KD said...

THose are great! So was the story ;)

Emily said...

Woah, those are good. You know, with your new found sewing ability and my organizational skills, we could totally have world domination. Especially since the vampires have our backs.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Well I'm with Brad, "You...made these? As in, you sewed them?!" but for a different reason. 14 years into my marriage, I'm still taping and stapling things that need to be sewn quickly.

Yes. seriously.

Well done you!

BabeeLove said...

Very creative! I LOVE the doughnuts :)