Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Toilet Talk

I never want to put my children in a box.
But that being said, there are certain things about each of them that are just true.
Take Libby for example. Yesterday we were at the park. Libby went down the slide and immediately after her came a little girl (that we did not know) who was probably 2 and a half-ish. Libby waited for this girl at the bottom of the slide and then tried to pick her up to "help" her off of the slide.
This of course, made every other mother on the playground burst out laughing. I just shook my head and thought, "yes that is my daughter. She is a mother hen!"

And then there is my Emma Jane. She and I had an all out battle over a sippy cup yesterday.
She asked me for some more milk. I said, "Sure. Please bring me you cup." She said, "No, you can get it."
Oh no, honey. That is not how it works!
So I calmly informed her that if she wanted milk, she was going to have to hand me her cup. She responded by falling down on the floor and!
I spent the next ten minutes saying, "Emma Jane! Just give me the cup and I will give you your freaking milk!" Okay, I didn't say freaking to my daughter but I was thinking it in my head!

She is just bull-headed!

And then there is John. Being only one, it is hard for me to know which facet of his personality this current behavior falls under.

It could be the adventurer/explorer in him. Or perhaps that inate male gene that is drawn to all things gross.

Who knows at this point?

What I do know is that whenever my back is turned, John takes off.

And he is always headed to the same place.

Just to check if maybe Emma Jane someone left the door open this time.

And sometimes, he strikes,

Not to worry, we washed hands thoroughly!


Kmama said...

LOL First of all, Buster (yes, the little one) is a total mother hen. If I sneeze, he says, "You okay Mommy?" He knows all the babies names in the infant room at daycare. Seriously. He's two.

Second, Buddy and EJ are just too much alike. LOL

Third, Buster also has some weird fascination with the toilet and likes to touch it all over and it GROSSES me out.

Kelli said...

My Emma Jane's name is Caleb...bull-headed indeed. Maybe John will go potty sooner :)

The Reller Family said...

My oldest, Bradley, is the "mother hen" - or I guess "father" hen in this case. My youngest Jacob is 22 months old and he also LOVES the toilet! We had to put a door knob cover on the entrances so he could not get in there or else next thing we know he is splish splashing away! YUCKKKKK! Boys will be boys...

Krystyn said...

I love how those all seem to fall into the classic birth order trends, too.

And, Nat loved trying to get into the toilet, too. Now, she climbs on EVERYTHING. The kitchen table included. Yay.

Emmy said...

Lol! Yes sometimes they do just do those things we totally expect.

And what Emma Jane did, have seen and can see my daughter doing the exact same thing. Alex often likes to say, "I can't move, my legs are asleep!!" while throwing this fit on the ground to add to the drama.

shortmama said...

Layla is like EJ and John combined into one stubborn and adventurous little 2 year old

Emily said...

Seriously, to Melody and EJ have a drama quota they have to reach each day?

Angie S said...

Isn't it crazy how different each child is.

Hayden throws temper fits over nothing. I made him shut the bathroom door the other day and he LOST it! I'll probably loose my mind in the near future...he is a mess.

I'm hoping that Hayden doesn't realize that the toilet flushes things. I'm afraid of what he will flush.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

My Emma used to do that... only there was STILL urnine in the toilet... (the boys almost never flush, GRR!)... and she would splash and play... as we were headed out the door to church. Needless to say, we were late OFTEN!

Mrs. NB

imbeingheldhostage said...

Miss Emma J, meet Miss Ky. Now the two of you go and take over the world.

Jenny said...

Hi Lauren, I'm new to reading your blog. I stumbled across it one day. I'm not even sure now how I found it, but I've been reading it ever since. I love it. I'm a mom to three little ones as well, so it's fun reading someone else's funny stories about their kids and knowing they're going through the same things I am everyday. Stop by my blog anytime.