Thursday, April 29, 2010

There are worse places to be stranded.

Have you ever noticed how those relaxing vacations can tend to totally wear you out?

I just came back from the most exhausting relaxing vacation ever!

Don't get me wrong, Brad and I had a wonderful time in the Bahamas! And for 99% of the time, I did nothing more taxing than turn the page of my book as I lounged by the pool.

During that other 1%, I did venture down to the beach with my husband (I was trying to be a good wife and I have heard that "shared activity" is important to men. Whatever.)

We took out a kayak and then went "snorkeling." I say snorkeling with air quotes because when you are in only 3 feet of water, with one foot fin planted firmly on the ground and simply bending over to observe the fish below, I don't think it really counts as snorkeling. Just sayin'.
But mostly, I just stayed by the pool, reading my three books.

Brad joined me some,

but he prefers to be busy so he spent his time snorkeling (for real), windsurfing and scuba diving.

He did get to scuba dive in the real ocean, but first he had to practice in the pool.

The exhausting part of the vacation came the last day as we were checking out. We handed over our room key, only to immediately overhear the guy next to us say something about all flights being grounded in Miami due to the weather?


That would have been good information to have before we surrendered our room key! Subsequently, we had to spend the next 2 hours (along with 30 other guests not getting off the island) being shuffled around into new rooms. Which they charged us each $300 for. Nice, considering there were no other options on the island.

So we eventually make it back to someone else's our room and hang out (since it has started pouring down rain) until dinner. During dinner, the concierge brought us a printed flight confirmation stating that we would be leaving on the 5:15pm flight the following day.
So the next morning, thinking we had all day to lounge around the resort, we slept in and went to breakfast around 9am. When we returned to our room shortly before 10, the phone was ringing. It was the concierge calling to tell us that our flight is leaving at 11am and that the shuttle was waiting to take us to the airport!
We threw our stuff back into the suitcase and raced to the airport...only to find that the plane was not there!
So I am frantically calculating just how late the plane can be and still get to Miami in time to make our connecting flight, when the plane finally shows up. We make it to Miami with plenty of time...and then sit on the runway for half an hour.
We ended up making it through customs and to our gate with just enough time to go to the bathroom (thank goodness) and get on the plane.
I have never been so glad to come home from a vacation before...even to three whiny kids intent upon punishing me for leaving them in the first place!


Morgan said...

Glad to have ya back! Your pictures of the resort are beautiful. I bet you had such a good time (other than that last day of course). I suggest not waiting 5 years to plan your next trip though.

Kelli said...

Sounds like you were in need of another vacation after that chaos! The trip looks wonderful, glad you enjoyed yourselves.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh man. Is all of that excitement part of the vacation package you signed up for?

Most of your holiday sounded wonderful!

Kmama said...

Oh my goodness. that is definitely not the way to return from a vacation.

I'm glad you had a fun time there though!

blueviolet said...

I'm glad you have the memories of the extremely relaxing first part of the vacation to look back on, because the end of it was a madhouse chaotic mess! Welcome home, Lauren!!!

Bren said...

Vacations will truly become relaxing when we can teleport home or something like that! Nothing worse than a stressful trip home. Looks like a wonderful place to prepare for that stress though!

Emmy said...

Glad you made it back! Why do vacations always have to have at least one exciting thing??

And yes I am completely jealous.

Emily said...

I'm just glad you're back...those sporadic emails were enough to keep the shakes from my LPS withdrawal at bay but not enough to keep me sane!

shortmama said...

Glad it was a good trip for 99% of the time!