Sunday, March 21, 2010

Maybe I should just paint a bulls eye on the bottom of the bowl

I have been a total absentee blogger lately.

No wait. I take that back.

That would imply that I have been doing some blogging.

I have just been absent.

We have been insanely busy the last two weeks. And not the good kind of busy that provides interesting blog material...just busy.

The potty training thing has been wearing me out but I feel confident saying that Emma Jane is about 95% potty trained.

Which is 95 times better than the 0% she was pulling in a week ago! The creepy froggy potty is still in my kitchen. I am afraid to take it away because she is totally independent on it. She even dumps it out herself!
It's probably time to at least move it into the bathroom, though.

So I took Emma Jane with me to the grocery store tonight and of course, two thirds of the way through the store she has to go potty. So we make our way to the restroom. And considering the minuscule amount of pee that actually made it into the potty, I probably should have just forgone the revolting public toilet and let her wet herself!

For those of you with only boys, let me clear up a common misconception about little girls and the potty. Girls have to be taught to aim too! You would think, given the female anatomy, that little girls would just naturally pee straight down into the toilet. You would think.

But no...little girls (mine anyways) need to see what is happening. And so they lean back with their little legs open and pee shoots straight forward into their panties and onto the floor.

And if mommy happens to be standing in front of the toilet...onto to my shoes as well.
I comforted myself by buying some Nutella.


Angie S said...

I completely understand your pain. Layla pee-peed on me the other day. I was left speechless trying to understand what just happened. Ughhh.

And booo on public toilets. Yuck. I go into crazy gema-phobic mom. I won't let Layla touch a thing.

Twigs @ Twiggles and Trunks said...

nutella is my comfort treat too. and new boots. and a target trip. and more fabric from joanns.

Kelli said...

So true! I'm so sorry...I hope the Nutella helped.

Kmama said...

LOL!! My mom always made me sit sideways on public toilets. She would cover the sucker with toilet paper and then have me sit sideways. It worked well.

Having a little boy (who's too short to stand) use a public restroom is a nightmare. They can't sit sideways and then I end up having to undress completely from the waist down in order for them to spread their legs wide enough to use the toilet. Ugh.

Potty training is just a friggin' nightmare!

Jen said...

I had no idea that girls had to aim too. Thanks for teaching me.

Krystyn said...

Boy do we know a think or two about the aim...just saying.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Yes, I learned quickly to teach Miss Ky to put her legs together-- it only takes a couple of rug washings to figure that one out (remember, I had four boys and 20 years before my girl--that equals a lot of "duh" moments).
I hope you bought some ciabatta bread to go with that Nutella. and some pretty new shoes :-)

Emmy said...

My daughter does the same thing, the pee shooting thing!! I always try and tell her to lean forward but she just doesn't half of the time. Luckily/unluckily she likes to take her pants and underwear completely off before going to the bathroom, so I just move them far away from the toilet when she goes now so they don't get peed on.

Cindy said...

Sorry about your shoes. Yesterday I found Drew(almost 4) standing on our front step peeing onto the sidewalk. The neighbors were out working on their car. They got a laugh and I got red in the face.

Emily said...

LMAO! This is even funnier the second time around!
And I really hope you move the potty out of your kitchen before we come in a few weeks! ;)

Bren said...

I had to come back to this post - especially after Maggie peed on the floor last night while sitting on the potty! It was like a waterfall! Yikes! It startled BOTH of us! Too funny!