Friday, March 5, 2010

Conversations with Emma Jane

My sweet baby girl, Emma Jane, will be turning 3 on Monday. So as you can imagine, there has been a lot of birthday talk in our house lately!

She is so excited about turning three and being a big girl, she hasn't been able to talk about much else and if the situation is not directly related to her birthday, she will somehow work it in. For example, the other day, Emma Jane was antagonizing John and when I told her to leave him alone her response was, "But it's my birthday!" I really had no comeback for that.

Dinner conversation most nights has been about Emma Jane's birthday. Last night she was cracking me up so much that I finally just pulled out the video camera so that you could fully experience her cuteness.

And for the record, I have no idea how my daughter knows who Spiderman is, Libby is wailing in the background because it is not her birthday and I usually don't repeat everything EJ says. That is just for translation purposes.


Krystyn said...

Bummer..the video isn't available.

But I'm sure it's awesome. Something about that third birthday where they really get it. And, ask for a birthday for the next 60 days again.

Jen said...

She is just adorable. Reminds me a lot of my little princess. :)

The Reeds said...

She is so cute and funny!! I love listening to children talk!!

Summer said...

Oh my gosh! Her little voice is just TOO precious!!!! I could listen to that sweet voice all day long!

Emily said...

I totally love how she sometimes sounds like a valley girl! And Libby in the background is hilarious...and I really wish I was there to give her a hug and a present!

Kmama said...

She is so adorable!! I love the my "pah-teeeee". LOL

the look on her face when you said that you couldn't take a picture of grandma giving her her yellow tinkerbell toy was priceless.

Was that an IKEA plate that she was playing with? If so, we just bought some. ;-)

Rachel said...

How absolutely adorable she is!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I don't think she could be any more adorable!!

Mrs. NB