Wednesday, March 31, 2010

11 months

John was 11 months old yesterday!

This is HUGE! Because in just one measly month my baby is going to be 1 year old!

So one would think that a blogger such as myself would have prepared for such a momentous post by, I don't know, picking up my camera during the last 30 days.

But alas, I did not. And so I only have two pictures documenting my only son's growth to share with you.

But at least, I feel these pictures really capture the caught-with-my-hand-in-the-cookie-jar moments that seem to make up John's existence these days.

There is nothing in my house that is safe from this little guy! He is into everything!

He also:

claps his hands

says "mama" and something that I am pretty sure is "more" (he always seems to say it when his tray is empty anyways.)

stands alone

can take one step (but is too lazy to lift the other foot and therefore goes nowhere!)

is getting these adorable curly little "wings" over his ears

has discovered his man bits (and is sooo proud of himself!)

and I am sure he has gained some weight and gotten a little taller but since I haven't actually measured him this month, that is just a guess.

That is all I have got for you, folks. You will just have to stayed tuned to see if I pull it together for next month!


Kelli said...

I remember that in Caleb's first year there was one month where I took one picture. I can't believe your baby is almost one. He is just adorable.

Krystyn said...

How does it happen so quickly? He sure is getting big.

Emily said...

They are all so excited with their man bits. *eye roll*
I can't wait to see him MONDAY!!

blueviolet said...

He's a little stinker at 11 months? Oh're in trouble!

Kmama said...

He's so cute. I hate when they turn one. I mean, it's fun and all, but it's also so sad!! Or maybe it's just sad for me because I knew Buster was our last.

heidi said...

They change so much in such a short time, don't they? B is at the age where he's starting to lose most of his baby look.

Happy 11 months, cute boy!

Alyssa said...

That second piture is just too cute! It does seem like a year goes by too quickly...the changes are just so dramatic...

Happy 11 month birthday...and Happy 1 Year Old soon...