Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sea World!

We spent Valentine's Day, along with the rest of the world it seemed, at Sea World. It was a great day despite the cold and the kids had a blast. My experience with theme parks and preschoolers is that after a few hours and meltdown is inevitable. But really, the kids behaved beautifully. The only meltdown that did occur had nothing to do with over stimulation or exhaustion...it could have happened anywhere.
When we stopped for lunch, I opted to make the fiscally responsible choice of not getting each of my daughters their own $8 kids meal. I got them one meal to share, which was more than enough food. Emma Jane absolutely lost it when I put some of "her" french fries on Libby's plate. She literally threw herself on the floor and started screaming. After a few minutes of trying to explain that she had to share, I lost it too. If any of you happened to be at Sea World on Sunday and you witnessed some crazed woman yelling at her child to "JUST EAT YOUR FRIES OR MOMMY IS GOING TO THROW IT ALL IN THE TRASH!"...yeah, that was me. I just love when one of my children turns us into that family.
Once we got past that unpleasant moment, the day was lovely. We kids loved all of the shows. We saw the otter and sea lion show, which was really funny. I don't have any pictures of that one unfortunately.
Next we went to see Shamu. (Although my sister and I are in agreement that Shamu did not actually show up for this performance. I remember him being way bigger than the two whales that did perform.)

Emma Jane, in a much better mood, loved seeing the animals!

John was pumped too!

I got lots of great pictures of the split second after each of the whale's tricks!

Here is a great one of his tail.
And check out that splash.

Oh, look...there is a good one!
(Seriously, I took about 30 pics and this is the only one that turned out well!)
The two non-Shamus taking a bow.
All of us taking a ride
When asked what her favorite part of the day, Emma Jane replied "the pah-cone." She is a little popcorn fiend!
And being the great sharer that she is...here she is running from Libby who was trying to get some popcorn too!
Next we walked through the shark encounter. Libby opted out of this attraction. She thought it sounded scary. And honestly it was eerily similar to a rather terrifying scene from JAWS.

We also spent some time in the kiddie area riding all of the rides. Libby and Emma Jane rode the roller coaster twice and loved it! At the end of the day, everyone was too tired to walk to the car, so Aunt Catie carried everyone!
They all passed out in the car before we even left the parking lot. That is, after Libby and Morgan both peed in the parking lot next to the van...like I said, we are that family!


Danielle said...

We are that family too, it never fails someone always has to pee after we leave the place. i always encourage people not to step in the puddles around our tires:)

Kmama said...

We are sooooo that family, more often than not. LOL Usually, it's the hubs peeing in an inappropriate place though, because Buddy is too mortified to do that (good boy) and Buster is too young. LOL

Looks like you guys had a great time!!

Sierra said...

Yeah - we are that family too - everyone is at some point. The peeing in the parking lot killed me. We ahve this travel diaper potty that rocks for car trips - I so heart it and I am so disgusted to love a potty. Motherhood does strange things to a woman. Here is the site with the travel potty: http://www.bonacoproducts.com/

Emmy said...

Looks like you had a great day and so glad that there are other of those families out there :) Makes us all feel better when it is our turn.

Kelli said...

I {heart} Sea World and can't wait till we can go one day. I'm glad you all ended up having a great time.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Sea World is so much fun! (Sorry about the fries meltdown!) My husband and I went to the one in San Diego a year ago and I learned an interesting fact about Shamu. (I had to look it up again to make sure what I was told was true.)

The original Shamu was the San Diego one, who died after 6 years of living in captivity of a blood infection. But since it's such a recognized name they keep the name alive by calling many other Orca whales Shamu. Apparently there have been quite a few Shamus since the "real one"!

And, there's your fun fact for the day...but don't quote me on it! ;)

shortmama said...

Looks like SO much fun! We are that family too! If the kids gotta go pee, no sense driving around trying to find a bathroom!

Emily said...

Ok, you have to teach me how to show Melody how to pee outside.
And that's one of the best mommy lines ever...I love threatening to throw it all away! ;)
Even the second time around, this story is hilarious.

Angie S said...

Sounds like a fun day. Allthough, I am tired just thinking about loading up and walking around all day...ha! I would need Aunt Catie to push me.

I really think my kids will love Sea World. We are planning a trip there this summer....Sea World in San Antonio.

blueviolet said...

That looks super duper fun!!!! Minus the french fry episode!

imbeingheldhostage said...

We know that family-- the threatening-to-throw-away-the-lunch and the car-park-wee one. :-) Sea World looks fun. I haven't been in...ages.

If you're planning on doing a mouse trip this year, could you wait until say, maybe the last of August, first of Sept? There may someone there you "know" from England.

Krystyn said...

It looks like you all had a great time.

Too funny that you caught the split second after the fact.

Bethany said...

I went to Sea World once years ago-- my family & I had a complete blast! LOL @ the whale pictures but the one that you did get is awesome!